DSLA Next Step

$240/ 6 hours lesson x 2days


DSLR Photography, The Next Steps — Beyond the basics. Everything you need to know to become a self sufficient amateur digital photographer is covered in more detail in these workshops.

The two Next Step workshops are a more in depth follow-up to our initial Introductory Workshop with DSLR cameras. Subjects covered in this course include details of Exposure, Lighting, Color Temperature, Composition, Portfolio Development, Photo shoot with the choice of Landscape / Sunset Photography or Model Photography (Body Painting), in-depth Photo Criticism of the work, Photoshop, Printing, and an introduction into Mixed Media Arts.

DSLR Next Step 1 Overview

Lens Types & Special Lenses
Aberration, Distortion, Vignetting & Other Issues
Camera & Lens Maintenance
Shooting DSLR Video
Shutter Speed, F-Stops, Aperture
ISO, Depth of Field
Sharpness, Shooting Modes
In Camera Metering Modes
Using Grey Cards
Color Temperature and Photographic Filters
Digital White Balance
Understanding file formats such as RAW, JPG and other formats
Optimizing images for WEB

DSLR Next Step 2 Overview

Using Artificial and Natural Light
Balancing Flash and Daylight
Introduction to Travel Photography, Photojournalism and Advertising
Shooting Checklist & Assignment
Camera Choices & Lighting Equipment
Format Sizes and details
The Calibration Device
Photoshop & Other Retouching Software
Building Of Portfolio
Photo Critique of images shot in sessions
Overview of Printing and Photoshop

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