Life Drawing for Beginners: Bony Landmarks



Unlike regular life drawing sessions, these workshops focus on a particular topic. We begin with 20-30 minutes of learning about the topic, which includes handouts and reference to our model, so you can see how the concepts and anatomy look in “real life”. The rest of the class is left for guided practice, with poses ranging from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the topic of the workshop

Life Drawing for Beginners: Bony Landmarks
February 26 2013 6:00-9:00pm

What are bony landmarks? Bony landmarks are areas on the figure where the bone is close to the skin. Used as a structure for the drawing, they are a quick reference for accuracy, realism, and the skeletal system.

Learn how to see bony landmarks, how they affect the figure, where to find them, and how to best use them in your drawing. This workshop is perfect for beginners to figure drawing, and great practice for more seasoned artists.

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It is recommended that you have basic drawing skills.

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Cost: $65+hst ($72.80 in total). Pre-payment required by Paypal or credit card.

Please contact Nicole to register.