Workshop/Class Subject: Colour Theory

Art and Soul of Summer 2019 KIDS Art Camp!

In the mornings we will be doing various structured exercises to develop your child’s drawing abilities. Each exercise will be used to develop your child’s ability to see things in a way so that they are able to interpret them... Read More

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist (MMEDw173-30) The workshop, taught by textile artist Natalie Grambow, will explore creativity through images, materials and idea development. Students will have the opportunity during these five days of immersion to delve into a journey... Read More

Getting Intimate with Colour with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson Create a Rolodex of watercolor or acrylic pigment interactions. Learn how to mix tones and tints to produce the desired value, warmth or coolness to accomplish the 3D affect on a 2D surface. This is a serious... Read More

Painting: Colour as Practice

Painting: Colour as Practice (PNTGs223-18) This course offers an excellent opportunity to put colour theory into practice. You will create several paintings that employ key aspects of colour such as value, hue, intensity and temperature, as well as simple and... Read More

Painting: Gesture and Colour

Painting: Gesture and Colour (PNTGs108-18) This course teaches the fundamentals of painting with an emphasis on colour, line and form. Subject matter includes inventive still life constructions, live models and found imagery. Students work on colour exercises sequentially, from black... Read More

Design for Painters

The foundation and language of any painting is composition and colour. These two elements go hand in hand: painters often do not consider the importance of a good compositional preparation and are often unaware of how a colour palette can... Read More

Impressionism Style Landscape Painting

We’ll work in the comfort of the studio, using a reference photo. You’ll go home with a completed 8×10 painting! When: Saturday, May 25 Time: 11:00 – 3:00 (BYOLunch) Fee: $89 (includes canvas, paints, and all supplies)

Demystify Colour with Deb Czernecky ( May 2019)

Instructor: Deb Czernecky So, you want to demystify colour mixing but the colour wheel seems daunting! This one day workshop is for you. At the end of the day you will understand the basic principles of colour theory, giving you... Read More

Plein Air Oil Painting

Get out of your dark studio room and open up to a bright colors of outdoors! This five day workshop will freshen up your color perception and introduce you to a principles of impressionism. You will learn to see perfect... Read More

Watercolor Plein Air

Enjoy outdoors with a paintbrush in hand! Let’s go in the forest, beach and park to paint some beautiful things. In this week long Plein Air you will explore textures and find best compositions for painting nature, seascapes and buildings.... Read More

Color Mixing

This three day course hosted by the Federation of Canadian Artists is designed to take all of the confusion out of the process of creating correct color mixtures without the use of complex color charts or lectures on color theory.... Read More

Painting from the Ground Up: A Process-Based Approach to Oil Painting

A successful painting is not about the end product – it’s about the process. A deliberate, thoughtful approach that balances planning with experimental curiosity puts the focus on how you are painting, rather than what you are painting. Paradoxically, by... Read More

Free Online Painting Course

In this free online course, you are going to learn about the most important things you need to master in order to bring your painting to the next level. You will learn why this is so important, what you need... Read More

Studio Art Classes + Oil Painting for Adults with Michael Abraham — All Skill levels welcome!

Art classes tailored to your goals. Whether you are starting out or looking for a Challenge, All skill levels are welcome with step by step projects and a supportive space to explore your creativity. All experience and skill levels welcome!... Read More

Federation Retreat, 2019 – Bamfield B.C

The 2019 Retreat takes place in beautiful Bamfield, British Columbia where we will be residing at the Marine Sciences Centre. You will experience some of the most breathtaking plein air painting locations the West Coast has to offer. In the... Read More

Gaye Adams – Colour Theory and Mixing

Accurate colour mixing is first and foremost, about training the eye to see accurately. It is secondly about learning principles and techniques that will help get the mixture correct, every time. In this three-day course Master Instructor Gaye Adams will... Read More

Drawing & Painting (13 – 17 years)

Express your creative ideas! Through a balance of formal training and creative exploration, you will explore shapes, shading, light, colour and perspective. Draw and paint in a variety of art mediums, including oil and soft pastels, watercolours, ink, pencils and... Read More

Art Enhancement (14 – 25 years)

This workshop combines studio sessions with field trips and focuses on media, style and ideas to provide an enriched program for students serious about improving their artistic ability. Consideration will be given to students’ needs in planning the activities. An... Read More

Colour and Composition (18+ years • One-day class)

In this class, gain an increased understanding of composing with water-based mediums on paper. Learn how to mix colours, including greys, to discover how to use warm and cool colours effectively. You’ll build techniques to make small expressive paintings through... Read More

Landscape with Watercolour and Ink

There are many ways to use a brush to depict the shapes and colours of nature. For this reason, we will study brush strokes from impressionism and Chinese traditional techniques to paint landscapes. You don’t need previous experience to join... Read More

Beginners Sketching Class

Sketching daily allows ideas and skills to grow and develop faster. It also serves as a record of your life and our favorite benefit, it creates a space to be creative anywhere at any time. The materials required for this... Read More

5-Day Intensive Oil Painting Workshop with Nicole Sleeth

In this intensive 5-day painting workshop, you will learn about oil painting supplies and materials, how to paint an imprimatura, the importance of dedication to the process rather than the outcome, creating a convincing sense of volume and form, and... Read More

Colour Theory for Painting

This is what we’ll do: Mix warm and cool hues – learn how these change a colour (example: grass green vs. khaki green) Learn how to see colours as values (light to dark) Mix paints to match various colour swatches... Read More

Kid-friendly Fluid Painting

Kids (8 – 16) will enjoy creating one-of-a-kind abstract paintings in the trendy “fluid painting” style. We’ll discuss how colours create impact, and we’ll explore both the “dirty pour” and a “swipe” methods. Kids will go home with 2 small... Read More

Kids Camp / 6-12 years

In this Class Kids will learn art from nature, exploring the shapes of leaves, texture from seashells, colours from flowers and tropical plants. We will also have two field trips to Bloedel Conservatory and Vancouver Art Gallery. Kids Camp Link:... Read More

Painting with Pastels

Painting with Pastels Learn to shade and blend pastels with instructor Pat Gerlach. Great for beginners wanting to get creative. Thursday, March 29 Ages: 13-Adult, 6:30pm to 8:30pm Cost: $25 *CCAC members save 10%

Freedom to Explore Art – Ages 8-16 with Lilian Ghazarian

This is a program of basic art in a variety of media. The students are a mix of ages and abilities and each student will receive one on one attention at their level. Each class will focus on sketching something... Read More

BOYB (Build On Your Basics) – Using Color Level 2

Do you wonder why your paintings feel muddy or dull, or why they don’t create the mood you’re trying to convey? Do you have a basic sense of how to mix colors, but aren’t sure which colors to use to... Read More

Intro to Acrylic Painting: Part 2

You’ll paint a simple scenic and: Practice setting up your work area and palette Learn to mix colours Learn to tone colours Use various brush types to understand when to use them Use various painting techniques to understand when/how to... Read More

Understanding Colour

Understanding Colour I is an overview of basic colour theory and gives artists a practical working knowledge of colour, applicable to any field of visual art including painting, graphic design, interior design and even photography. The aim of this course... Read More