Workshop/Class Subject: Drawing

Drawing From Nature Monday Evening Weekly Drop-in: Jul. 8 – Aug. 26

Monday Evening Weekly Drop-in: Jul. 4 – Aug. 29 “Getting in touch with your inner nature by drawing from nature” – Study of natural environment is balanced with watercolour pencil sketching techniques using local pathways in scenic Crescent Beach. Participants... Read More

NEW: Drawing Your Way to Results

Neurographica is an effective art method open to everyone. Combining art and psychology, it provides you with a direct access to your inner self (the subconscious). The course will teach the various steps and drawing techniques that will enable you... Read More

Art and Soul of Summer 2019 KIDS Art Camp!

In the mornings we will be doing various structured exercises to develop your child’s drawing abilities. Each exercise will be used to develop your child’s ability to see things in a way so that they are able to interpret them... Read More

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist (MMEDw173-30) The workshop, taught by textile artist Natalie Grambow, will explore creativity through images, materials and idea development. Students will have the opportunity during these five days of immersion to delve into a journey... Read More

Drawing From Architecture

In this two-day workshop students will approach architecture and the construction of space as a source for drawing. From personal material and found images, participants will create finished drawings of idiosyncratic architectural spaces through engagement with practices fundamental to contemporary... Read More

The Contemporary Botanical

The inspiration for this workshop comes from the fantastical and intricate botanical drawings from the 16th through to the 19th century. The workshop begins by drawing a series of plant studies from observation that will be used later as a... Read More

Dare To Draw – online drawing course for beginners

This drawing workshop for beginners will show up in your inbox as an invitation to pick up your pen instead of your phone* and draw! (*other than the implicit irony of the delivery method:) It is an email course of... Read More

Drawing Classes/Artist Development

Join classically trained Brazilian artist Alex Greghi and develop your skills in an open studio style setting. With Alex’s guidance you will work at your own pace and receive mentorship whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. Step... Read More

Portrait Drawing with Ken Campbell (May)

Instructor: Ken Campbell Learn how to easily draw heads and faces. We use mannequins, photos, online models as well as live models to teach how to generically map the human anatomy. Then learn how to ‘see’ individual variations in form... Read More

Life Drawing Sessions (Apr – May)

No instructor No supplies An open invitation to all artists: Have you ever wanted to get together with a fun, focused group of fellow artists to draw a live model? We want to get a group of about eight or... Read More

Contemporary Portraiture with David Goatley (April)

Working from live models, we will explore the basic proportions of the head; drawing convincing features; using tone to describe form and structure; and all that goes into making a lively, engaging portrait. Working alla-prima, we’ll begin in black and... Read More

Drawing Space

Drawing Space (DRWGs217-18) One of the most exciting and sometimes most challenging aspects of drawing on a flat surface is creating a sense of space. Whether that space is flat or illusionistic, the artist wants to have control over how... Read More

Drawing: The Abstract Image

Drawing: The Abstract Image (DRWGs201-18) In this course you will learn how to think about abstraction in drawing and make the transition from representational drawing to making marks, shapes, forms and textures that combine to create completed works of art.... Read More

May 29 – Jun 19 – Core Drawing Skills

We will develop greater facility in using the basic materials of drawing in a more thoughtful and sensitive way, and will train our eyes and brain to work together to create skillful drawings. Artist Cath Hughes will take you through... Read More

May 1 – 22 – Drawing Fundamentals & Community

This is a course that welcomes participates of all levels, ages and abilities. A materials list will be provided. May 1 – 22 – Drawing Fundamentals & Community Maplewood House, 399 SEYMOUR RIVER PLACE, NORTH VANCOUVER, V7H 1S6

Drawing and Sketchbook (June 5th to July 10th)

Drawing and Sketchbook Course, with Laura Bonnie at North Park Art Studio. Suitable for all levels of sketching and drawing experience. Drawing basics will be addressed, as well as the use of various materials and techniques. Emphasis will be on... Read More

Spring is here! Drawing Class registration for April 2019

Drawing class for SPRING 2019 beginning April 9th! I will be continuing with my one hour long after school drawing classes. These classes will be held Tuesdays after school, every week, for the next 8 weeks beginning on April 9th... Read More

After School Art for TWEENS

After School Art for TWEENS Spring Session. Session runs Wednesdays, April 3rd – June 26th from 3:30-5:30 p.m. All classes held in the Opus Kelowna classroom at 1357 Ellis St. Cost is $300 which includes 26 hours of instruction and... Read More

Plein Air on the Waterfront #53412

Plein Air on the Waterfront is a weekend of pure pleasure. Not just painting and trying different locations around the Musicbox, we will look at various materials, working easels, tools, carrying bags. We’ll discuss painting with watercolour, acrylics and even... Read More

Classical Drawing with Tracey Costescu

CLASSICAL DRAWING WITH TRACEY COSTESCU March 31, 10am – 3pm, Sunday $90 – ages 14+ Join me and learn techniques to help you create realistic drawings, no matter what the subject matter, in a warm and welcoming environment. This class... Read More

Plein Air Sketching

This summer find yourself in the different locations of town drawing nature and plants. Get ready to surprise your friends with fun sketches of recognizable locations and organic matter. At this class we will focus on finding peace to sketch... Read More

2019 Summer Drawing Programs

the program is divided into SATURDAY ONE DAY COURSE and WEEK LONG COURSE. Please go to for more info.

Atelier Class – Drawing and Painting

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to present this Atelier style class with classically-trained artist Alex Greghi. Learn to draw and paint like the masters, even with little or no previous portfolio experience. Step by step, the students will further... Read More

Portfolio Building

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to offer Portfolio Building classes with skilled art instructor Alex Greghi. Build a strong portfolio that you can submit to post-secondary studio and design programs and help yourself stand out from the competition! Learn... Read More

Drawing in Depth and Perspective with Deb Czernecky

Instructor: Deb Czernecky In this fun one day workshop, you’ll learn the basics of one, two and three point perspective. How to add a sense of depth and scale. What is a vanishing point, what is the difference between a... Read More

Drop-In Life Drawing Sessions

Thursdays, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm Please register by March 28, 2019 $10 + gst per session No instructor No supplies An open invitation to all artists: Have you ever wanted to get together with a fun, focused group of... Read More

Information Session and Demo of Ken Campbell’s 2019 Spring Classes with Ken Campbell

Curious about upcoming art courses? Enjoy a live demo of Ken Campbell’s upcoming art classes and workshops for the spring focusing on drawing and painting. Ken will give demos, slide presentations and show finished artworks outlining the scope of materials... Read More

Drawing Perspective: All You Need to Know with Neil McClelland

Devised in the Italian Renaissance, linear perspective is a system of creating the illusion of depth in drawing and painting. Knowing and applying a few simple rules will help you to create convincing interior and exterior spaces. In this one-day... Read More

Geology as Art with Wendy Welch

Did you ever collect rocks as a kid or perhaps you still like to collect them as you walk along the ocean? Geology, or the study of the earth’s surface provides an incredible source for the visual artist. This workshop... Read More

Geology as Art with Wendy Welch

Did you ever collect rocks as a kid or perhaps you still like to collect them as you walk along the ocean? Geology, or the study of the earth’s surface provides an incredible source for the visual artist. This workshop... Read More