Workshop/Class Subject: Oil Painting

Introduction to Plein Air with Deb Czernecky (Jul)

Instuctor: Deb Czernecky Painting en plein air can be a joy for capturing your feelings of the scenes in front of you! This is not a class for beginner painters. Advanced beginners and beyond. Knowing what to bring for an... Read More

Painting Composition & Process

Painting Composition & Process (PNTGw270-30) In this workshop, participants will build skills in composition and discover the value of planning evocative and effective compositions using sketching, overlaying techniques, paper collage and digital collage. The process begins with creating a compositionally... Read More

Layering Paint and Creating Expressive Edges with Lalita Hamill presented by the South Surrey White Rock Art Soceity

Layering Paint and Creating Expressive Edges with Lalita Hamill Workshop held in the Visual Arts Studio, South Surrey Rec. Centre 14601 20th Ave., South Surrey, BC Time: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please arrive at 9:30 a.m. to set up... Read More

Still Life Painting

This two-day workshop uses flora as the subject matter to explore traditional and contemporary approaches to the still life genre. The workshop will begin by looking at historical references and themes that are commonly associated with flowers. Students will create... Read More

RICHARD SCHMID – Master Copy Weekend Workshop at Canvas Method

In this weekend workshop, you will develop your skills in making a variety of marks with both the brush and palette knife. Beginning with a careful drawing and toning the surface in colour, you will then build up the painting... Read More

Intro to Oil Painting – 3 week series

Join Jolene Mackie for this three week series to introduce you to the beautiful medium of oil paints! We will cover a variety of tools and techniques for all skill levels. During this three week series you will be guided... Read More

Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Helping you Critique Your Work with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson For artists who want to get an honest critique of their art work…… For artists wondering where to go next or what should they do in order to improve their composition, design and color coordination. For artists... Read More

Painting for the Seasons with Deb Czernecky (Jun)

Instructor: Deb Czernecky This two day workshop is designed for the advanced novice. We will explore our typical Canadian four seasons by painting a spring, summer, fall and winter scenes. Exploring composition of the landscape, painting techniques and colours that... Read More

Drawing Classes/Artist Development

Join classically trained Brazilian artist Alex Greghi and develop your skills in an open studio style setting. With Alex’s guidance you will work at your own pace and receive mentorship whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. Step... Read More

The Figure in Contemporary Painting

The Figure in Contemporary Painting (PNTGs254-18) The figure in painting is a centuries old subject that has allowed artists to explore topics ranging from the classical (beauty, mythology, etc.) to more contemporary concerns surrounding gender, racial stereotypes, class and politics.... Read More

World Building Through Painting

World Building Through Painting (PNTGs252-18) This course is designed for students to elaborate on their foundation in painting, specifically on landscape and narrative painting. Through the lens of speculative fiction, students will get to experiment with painting from memory, using... Read More

Painting: Plein Air

Painting: Plein Air (PNTGs233-18) Learning to paint plein air (painting outdoors from life) is a great way to truly experience an outdoor space as you will immerse yourself in the changing light, scents and sounds that surround you. These physical... Read More

Painting: Colour as Practice

Painting: Colour as Practice (PNTGs223-18) This course offers an excellent opportunity to put colour theory into practice. You will create several paintings that employ key aspects of colour such as value, hue, intensity and temperature, as well as simple and... Read More

Painting: Abstraction and Architecture

Painting: Abstraction and Architecture (PNTGs206-18) In this course students study the abstract language inspired by the structural framework of architectural form, space and light and the construction/deconstruction of space in painting. Students look at how the built environment influences artists.... Read More

Oil Basics

Oil Basics (PNTGs166-18) This six-week course provides a great introduction for beginner painters to work with oils and for those planning to switch from acrylics to oil. You will learn about brush handling, colour mixing, glazing and scumbling, as well... Read More

Design for Painters

The foundation and language of any painting is composition and colour. These two elements go hand in hand: painters often do not consider the importance of a good compositional preparation and are often unaware of how a colour palette can... Read More

Encaustic Photography with Shary Bartlett – Red Deer College Alta

Is it a photograph or a painting? Indulge yourself in five glorious days discovering the evocative beauty of Inkjet, LaserJet and professionally printed photographs secreted beneath translucent encaustic wax. Hand-alter, transfer and enhance photos printed on paper and textiles and... Read More

Encaustic Mixed Media with Shary Bartlett at Red Deer College

This five-day workshop is an exploration of the amazing translucent, layered, smooth and textural effects that can be achieved when painting with sweet-smelling molten encaustic beeswax. Discover ways to colour, fuse, alter, and gild your collages, photo transfers and encaustic... Read More

Painting after Gustav Klimt with Ken Campbell (Nov)

Learn to create paintings in the style of famous Austrian painter Gustav Klimt. In traditional art school fashion you will copy a master work, then create your own original work – using those lessons: Klimt’s colours, style and design approach.... Read More

Demystify Colour with Deb Czernecky ( May 2019)

Instructor: Deb Czernecky So, you want to demystify colour mixing but the colour wheel seems daunting! This one day workshop is for you. At the end of the day you will understand the basic principles of colour theory, giving you... Read More

Big Beautiful Blooms with Bev Robertson (May)

Instructor: Bev Robertson The Coast Collective is happy to welcome back Bev Robertson, a wonderful floral artist who will share her experience, her love of big juicy colour, and great techniques to ensure you come home with a luscious masterpiece!... Read More

Underpainting and Glazing in Oils with Ken Campbell (May)

Instructor: Ken Campbell Learn professional studio methods for creating paintings. An intensive studio-based painting workshop featuring a fusion of Notan, dynamic colour planning and Renaissance-style underpainting and glazing techniques — speed, control and dynamics.

Advanced Painting with Oils and Acrylics Afternoons with Deb Czernecky (Apr)

April 25, 2019 to May 30, 2019 Thursdays, 1:00pm to 3:30 pm Please register by April 18, 2019 $195+gst Instructor: Deb Czernecky We are offering this popular six week course twice this spring, once in the mornings and once in... Read More

Classical Oil Painting

You will practice basics of Academic Classical Oil Painting. Classes are on Thursdays, 3-5pm. Academically trained instructor Veronika Mcleod will take you through basics of classical oil painting. Program include: foundational use of materials, work with viewfinder, setting up an... Read More

Plein Air Oil Painting

Get out of your dark studio room and open up to a bright colors of outdoors! This five day workshop will freshen up your color perception and introduce you to a principles of impressionism. You will learn to see perfect... Read More

OASIS 2019 Symposium & Workshops

This is an inspirational art symposium open to all artists and art enthusiasts. On Saturday our three guest artists will give a presentation in the morning and then conduct three separate demos in the afternoon. On Sunday the guest artists... Read More

Atelier Class – Drawing and Painting

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to present this Atelier style class with classically-trained artist Alex Greghi. Learn to draw and paint like the masters, even with little or no previous portfolio experience. Step by step, the students will further... Read More

Portfolio Building

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to offer Portfolio Building classes with skilled art instructor Alex Greghi. Build a strong portfolio that you can submit to post-secondary studio and design programs and help yourself stand out from the competition! Learn... Read More

Mar 16 & 17 – Realism Portraiture Oil Painting Workshop

Build skills in realism portraiture oil painting with artist Kellie Orr in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Learn Kellie’s process and be guided through key elements of portraiture oil painting including hair, skin, and blending, with opportunity to discuss any... Read More

Mar 2 Oil and Cold Wax Workshop

In this one-day workshop participants will explore a history of abstraction with a versatile medium, oil and cold wax. Join us for a hands-on day filled with unexpected possibilities. Participants will discover new ways of painting, using unconventional tools that... Read More