Workshop/Class Subject: Outdoor Painting

Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Helping you Critique Your Work with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson For artists who want to get an honest critique of their art work…… For artists wondering where to go next or what should they do in order to improve their composition, design and color coordination. For artists... Read More

Painting: Plein Air

Painting: Plein Air (PNTGs233-18) Learning to paint plein air (painting outdoors from life) is a great way to truly experience an outdoor space as you will immerse yourself in the changing light, scents and sounds that surround you. These physical... Read More

Plein Air on the Waterfront #53412

Plein Air on the Waterfront is a weekend of pure pleasure. Not just painting and trying different locations around the Musicbox, we will look at various materials, working easels, tools, carrying bags. We’ll discuss painting with watercolour, acrylics and even... Read More

Plein Air Oil Painting

Get out of your dark studio room and open up to a bright colors of outdoors! This five day workshop will freshen up your color perception and introduce you to a principles of impressionism. You will learn to see perfect... Read More

Watercolor Plein Air

Enjoy outdoors with a paintbrush in hand! Let’s go in the forest, beach and park to paint some beautiful things. In this week long Plein Air you will explore textures and find best compositions for painting nature, seascapes and buildings.... Read More

Plein Air Sketching

This summer find yourself in the different locations of town drawing nature and plants. Get ready to surprise your friends with fun sketches of recognizable locations and organic matter. At this class we will focus on finding peace to sketch... Read More

Federation Retreat, 2019 – Bamfield B.C

The 2019 Retreat takes place in beautiful Bamfield, British Columbia where we will be residing at the Marine Sciences Centre. You will experience some of the most breathtaking plein air painting locations the West Coast has to offer. In the... Read More

Plein Air or Inside Mornings with John Stuart Pryce (Jan)

Join John on Thursday mornings to learn how to produce successful paintings. Practical assignments will be combined with hands-on demonstration and individualized attention. The series will cover: The importance of an organized workspace and appropriate equipment; The importance of an... Read More

Landscape with Watercolour and Ink

There are many ways to use a brush to depict the shapes and colours of nature. For this reason, we will study brush strokes from impressionism and Chinese traditional techniques to paint landscapes. You don’t need previous experience to join... Read More

Beginners Sketching Class

Sketching daily allows ideas and skills to grow and develop faster. It also serves as a record of your life and our favorite benefit, it creates a space to be creative anywhere at any time. The materials required for this... Read More

Bateman Master Artist Seminar

Once in a lifetime opportunity! Join renowned Canadian master artist and naturalist, Robert Bateman as he explores ideas and techniques that make for successful artwork. Open to artists of any medium, this is not a typical studio-style, painting class, but... Read More


All levels of creative skill are welcome in this workshop/tour group. A focus on pencil sketching on location & watercolor lessons with advanced support for experienced painters working independently in other mediums. (Acrylic, pastel, oils, etc) Enjoy your Tuscan art... Read More

Paint on the Waterfront

Plein Air on the Waterfront #43741 June 23 & 24,2018 What is painting en Plein Air? This question is so often asked. It’s painting in the outdoors, experiencing the changing light and environment and is a movement that really was... Read More

Art in the South of France 2018 – out door water color mentoring

“Sip and Paint” in the South of France – 10 days in the sun, outdoor painting with ink and water colors, sightseeing, fine food and wine in local village accommodation! Fee includes all accommodation, one meal each day, wine tasting,... Read More

FCA Plein Air Retreat 2018 – Manning Park, BC

The Federation of Canadian Artists’ Plein-Air Retreat is back for 2018! Enjoy four full days of plein-air painting in the beautiful E.C. Manning Provincial Park, located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains. You will have the opportunity to learn... Read More

FCA Workshop – Reference Sources with Liza Visagie

One of the best ways to learn the complexities of painting is to watch someone paint. The subtleties of color mixing, loading the brush with just enough paint and the pressure and touch of the hand is clarified when watching... Read More

How to Start a Nature Sketchbook

Learn how to start a nature sketchbook using waterproof ink pens and watercolour paints. The object of this class is to introduce you to how to start your own sketchbook inspired by nature, your garden, or everyday experiences that you... Read More

FCA Online Critique September 25 2017 with Danny Chen

Creating art is most often a solitary activity, and with only friends or family to provide feedback on your work, progressing as an artist can be challenging. To get to that “next level” you’ll sometimes need the constructive feedback to... Read More

free Monthly Art Class / Gathering 27th

We will meet in central Park Sunday from 4 to 5:30pm. Meeting location: Central Park near Duck pond next to the golf course. Things to bring: A chair to sit in the shade if you don’t want to sit in... Read More

Murals and Street Art

This three-day workshop is an introduction to the fundamentals of mural painting, a traditional art form that has experienced a renaissance over the last several decades with the rise of street art and graffiti. Students will learn to use a... Read More

How to Start a Nature Sketchbook – with Laura Ashton

Learn how to start your own Nature Sketchbook and use watercolours and ink pens to create a visual record of your experiences! This workshop will be focused on looser sketchbook studies using the pen and wash method rather than creating... Read More

PLEIN AIR in the City: Chasing Beauty Spots

Learn and improve how to paint outdoors. Develop your skills in correct observation, painting quickly, color tonality, paint and brushstroke application. I will be guiding you step by step from drawing to finish painting all in one session.(Alla Prima: direct... Read More

FCA Online Critique – August 10 2017 with Nicoletta Baumeister

To get to that “next level” you’ll sometimes need the constructive feedback of an experienced critic / fellow artist to drive your work forward. Critiques will help you grow as an artist and help you develop your work. Hear what... Read More

Art and Self-Empowerment Camp ages 8-15

Learn healthy, creative expression in a small camp setting that explores self-empowerment through mindfulness, art making, meditation, visualization, and yoga. The focus will be on visual journals and creating meaningful and beautiful journal entries. The instructor, Janine Ray, is a... Read More

Kids & Teens Summer Art & Drawing Camp in Lynn Valley ages 7+

These popular classes have a low student ratio, so that I can focus on each child and their strengths, individually. This is a great opportunity for children 7 to 16 to work on their artistic skills with like minded peers.... Read More

Free Monthly Art Class / Gathering

To Create your art art piece. Instructor will be available for some guidelines. Bring Art, beauty and laughter together. Limited art supplies will be provided. We will meet in Burnaby. In the summer outdoor and in the fall/ winter indoor.... Read More

Plein-Air Painting (19+ years)

Leave the four walls of the studio behind and experience drawing and painting in the open air. A long standing practice, made popular by French Impressionist painters like Monet and Renoir, join Riette Gordon and learn how to capture the... Read More

Plein Air Painting

Landscape is in perpetual flux as light, season and weather continue to change over time. Plein air painting, or painting outdoors from life, is a sensorial immersion in space where what we see is influenced by changing light, scents and... Read More

Summer Art and Drawing Camps 2017 Week One

This summer I will be offering the popular Art & Drawing Camps again! These fun classes have a low student ratio, so that I can focus on each child and their strengths, individually. This is a great opportunity for children... Read More

FCA Workshop – Plein Air on Granville Island with Gaye Adams, SFCA

Gaye Adams will be drawing on over 15 years of plein air experience and teachings from some amazing mentors to present you with a practical approach to working on location. Planning, value study, colour mixing, design, logistics for outdoor painting... Read More