Workshop/Class Subject: Pastel Drawing

Expressive Plant Drawing

Expressive Plant Drawing (DRWGw168-3) In this afternoon workshop, artist and floral designer, Jillian Player will bring in one of her fantastical floral displays as subject matter for an afternoon of drawing. Students will begin with studies using blind contour and... Read More

Painting the Everyday with Gouache

This workshop is inspired by the artist, illustrator and writer Maira Kalman (hyperlink to her webpage: The focus is on using objects that are part of everyday life, personal experiences, as well as using popular culture and current events... Read More

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist (MMEDw173-30) The workshop, taught by textile artist Natalie Grambow, will explore creativity through images, materials and idea development. Students will have the opportunity during these five days of immersion to delve into a journey... Read More

Pastels and Plants

This afternoon workshop will introduce you to working with chalk pastels using plants as the subject matter. Using inspiration from the work of Jim Dine, you will discover how to use pastels through a process-based method of working. The drawing... Read More

Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Helping you Critique Your Work with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson For artists who want to get an honest critique of their art work…… For artists wondering where to go next or what should they do in order to improve their composition, design and color coordination. For artists... Read More

The Value of Value with Joan Larson (Jun)

Instructor: Joan Larson This 5 hour workshop will give students the ability to see value in a whole new light and the tools to improve and strengthen their paintings. To quote a famous phrase “Colour gets the glory but value... Read More

Life Drawing Sessions (Apr – May)

No instructor No supplies An open invitation to all artists: Have you ever wanted to get together with a fun, focused group of fellow artists to draw a live model? We want to get a group of about eight or... Read More

Contemporary Portraiture with David Goatley (April)

Working from live models, we will explore the basic proportions of the head; drawing convincing features; using tone to describe form and structure; and all that goes into making a lively, engaging portrait. Working alla-prima, we’ll begin in black and... Read More

Art of the Horse with Joan Larson (May)

There will be discussions on structure and anatomy as well as how to interpret your photo reference. There are extensive course hand-outs. Demos will be in pastel. 2 day workshops allow for more in-depth study, practice and demos. Students for... Read More

Plein Air Sketching

This summer find yourself in the different locations of town drawing nature and plants. Get ready to surprise your friends with fun sketches of recognizable locations and organic matter. At this class we will focus on finding peace to sketch... Read More

Passion for Pastels with Joan Larson

Instructor: Joan Larson “Passion for Pastels” – open to all skill levels. In-depth discussions about the nature of pastels, safety considerations, different brands of pastels and papers. Different types of under-painting techniques will also be discussed with demos if time... Read More

Pastels and Plants with Wendy Welch

This afternoon workshop will introduce you to working with chalk pastels using plants as the subject matter. Using inspiration from the work of Jim Dine, you will discover how to use pastels through a process-based method of working. The drawing... Read More

Intro to Drawing

In this class you’ll learn: What drawing tools you’ll need How to sketch any object Variety of shading techniques How to create the illusion of a 3D object Time: 11:00 – 1:00 Fee: $50 + GST (includes all material) Level:... Read More

Drawing & Painting (13 – 17 years)

Express your creative ideas! Through a balance of formal training and creative exploration, you will explore shapes, shading, light, colour and perspective. Draw and paint in a variety of art mediums, including oil and soft pastels, watercolours, ink, pencils and... Read More

Dare to Paint Abstracts with Barry Rafuse

Let loose and have fun in this 2-day workshop with sought-after instructor Barry Rafuse, whose visiting us from Coldstream, BC! This course is designed to meet the needs of artists wishing to explore abstraction. The workshop will start with a... Read More


All levels of creative skill are welcome in this workshop/tour group. A focus on pencil sketching on location & watercolor lessons with advanced support for experienced painters working independently in other mediums. (Acrylic, pastel, oils, etc) Enjoy your Tuscan art... Read More

Adult Drawing at the Port Moody Arts Centre

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist we have a range of drawing classes to suit your needs. Check out our website to see the various classes available.

FCA Workshop – 12 Secrets of Artistic Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence at play” – Albert Einstein We all have the ability to be more creative in our art and in our lives, and with practice we can start to use more of our creative potential. This 2-part workshop... Read More

Drawing with Colour

This 6-week course focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of observational drawing. Students are encouraged to think about their subjects in colour, and expand their use of media. We will use washes of paint and ink to add colour and energy... Read More

Painting with Pastels

Painting with Pastels Learn to shade and blend pastels with instructor Pat Gerlach. Great for beginners wanting to get creative. Thursday, March 29 Ages: 13-Adult, 6:30pm to 8:30pm Cost: $25 *CCAC members save 10%

Principles of Drawing & Painting (Capilano University)

Build your portfolio as you learn basic compositional solutions as well as how to handle a variety of media (pencil, charcoal, pastel, acrylics and ink). You will come away with a better understanding of media and how to apply them... Read More

Paint In Afternoons

Do you just need time to paint, or a bit of guidance here and there? Bring your current art project to my studio. Work self-directed in a dynamic professional studio. I’ll provide a bit of guidance as you work. Registration... Read More

Drawing 200

In this class you’ll learn: Drawing perspectives How to draw from a grid How to work with values from light to dark Subtractive drawing methods Best drawing practices Time: 2:00 – 3:30 Fee: $50 (includes all material) Level: Beginner –... Read More

Drawing 101

In this class you’ll learn: About various drawing tools you can use Variety of shading techniques How to “see” so you can draw anything Various ways to create lines How to make a 2D object appear 3D Time: 2:00 –... Read More

Expressive Painting / Intuitive Art

Through fun and inspiring exercises we’ll to tap into a whole new level of intuitive creativity. This class is meant for those wanting to truly experience the process of mark making with no expectations for the final outcome. Let go... Read More

Exploring Encaustic: Handmade Paper + Encaustic

Day One: Alice teaches the group to create handmade paper using recycled and natural materials. We will use the paper created to make substrates for our encaustic paintings, art cards, and more! Day Two: Bethany teaches the group how to... Read More

FCA Online Critique September 25 2017 with Danny Chen

Creating art is most often a solitary activity, and with only friends or family to provide feedback on your work, progressing as an artist can be challenging. To get to that “next level” you’ll sometimes need the constructive feedback to... Read More

Charcoal Drawing Introduction

This 2-day workshop will introduce you to the “light side” of charcoal. We use simple method of working with this material. Even absolute beginner will find it fun and easy to work with. You will be able to finish one... Read More

Drawing 103

Continuing from Drawing 102, develop and expand your drawing and observation skills in series of challenging projects using a variety of mediums such as charcoal, ink, graphite and pencil crayons. Students will explore proportion, resemblance, texture, shape and visual expression... Read More

Drawing 102

If you have already taken Drawing 101 or are drawing at an intermediate level, this class is for you. Expand your understanding and expertise of essential elements of visual composition and drawing in challenging classic and contemporary types of drawing... Read More