Workshop/Class Subject: Pencil Drawing

Art and Soul of Summer 2019 KIDS Art Camp!

In the mornings we will be doing various structured exercises to develop your child’s drawing abilities. Each exercise will be used to develop your child’s ability to see things in a way so that they are able to interpret them... Read More

Expressive Plant Drawing

Expressive Plant Drawing (DRWGw168-3) In this afternoon workshop, artist and floral designer, Jillian Player will bring in one of her fantastical floral displays as subject matter for an afternoon of drawing. Students will begin with studies using blind contour and... Read More

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist (MMEDw173-30) The workshop, taught by textile artist Natalie Grambow, will explore creativity through images, materials and idea development. Students will have the opportunity during these five days of immersion to delve into a journey... Read More

Drawing From Architecture

In this two-day workshop students will approach architecture and the construction of space as a source for drawing. From personal material and found images, participants will create finished drawings of idiosyncratic architectural spaces through engagement with practices fundamental to contemporary... Read More

Drawing Classes/Artist Development

Join classically trained Brazilian artist Alex Greghi and develop your skills in an open studio style setting. With Alex’s guidance you will work at your own pace and receive mentorship whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist. Step... Read More

Drawing Space

Drawing Space (DRWGs217-18) One of the most exciting and sometimes most challenging aspects of drawing on a flat surface is creating a sense of space. Whether that space is flat or illusionistic, the artist wants to have control over how... Read More

How to Draw

How to Draw (DRWGs111-18) This is an ideal course for people with little or no experience in drawing. The course involves drawing from direct observation with an emphasis on the line quality, value, shading, negative space and perspective. Students will... Read More

Spring is here! Drawing Class registration for April 2019

Drawing class for SPRING 2019 beginning April 9th! I will be continuing with my one hour long after school drawing classes. These classes will be held Tuesdays after school, every week, for the next 8 weeks beginning on April 9th... Read More

Plein Air Sketching

This summer find yourself in the different locations of town drawing nature and plants. Get ready to surprise your friends with fun sketches of recognizable locations and organic matter. At this class we will focus on finding peace to sketch... Read More

Atelier Class – Drawing and Painting

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to present this Atelier style class with classically-trained artist Alex Greghi. Learn to draw and paint like the masters, even with little or no previous portfolio experience. Step by step, the students will further... Read More

Kids Drawing Class in Lynn Valley North Van

I host this after school class on Tuesdays with new and returning students. We start from what the different pencils are used for, progressing to contour drawing and shading. Learning proper one-point and two-point perspective, and correct proportions of the... Read More

Studio Art Classes + Oil Painting for Adults with Michael Abraham — All Skill levels welcome!

Art classes tailored to your goals. Whether you are starting out or looking for a Challenge, All skill levels are welcome with step by step projects and a supportive space to explore your creativity. All experience and skill levels welcome!... Read More

Federation Retreat, 2019 – Bamfield B.C

The 2019 Retreat takes place in beautiful Bamfield, British Columbia where we will be residing at the Marine Sciences Centre. You will experience some of the most breathtaking plein air painting locations the West Coast has to offer. In the... Read More

Intro to Drawing

In this class you’ll learn: What drawing tools you’ll need How to sketch any object Variety of shading techniques How to create the illusion of a 3D object Time: 11:00 – 1:00 Fee: $50 + GST (includes all material) Level:... Read More

Art Enhancement (14 – 25 years)

This workshop combines studio sessions with field trips and focuses on media, style and ideas to provide an enriched program for students serious about improving their artistic ability. Consideration will be given to students’ needs in planning the activities. An... Read More

Landscape with Watercolour and Ink

There are many ways to use a brush to depict the shapes and colours of nature. For this reason, we will study brush strokes from impressionism and Chinese traditional techniques to paint landscapes. You don’t need previous experience to join... Read More

Beginners Sketching Class

Sketching daily allows ideas and skills to grow and develop faster. It also serves as a record of your life and our favorite benefit, it creates a space to be creative anywhere at any time. The materials required for this... Read More

Natural way to draw

There is only one right way to draw and that is a perfectly natural way. It has noting to do with artifice or technique. It has only to do with the act of correct observation.

Creativity Workshop – 12 Secrets of Artistic Creativity

Creativity expanded, explored, desired! More than 12 secrets of creativity will be revealed. This workshop is 6 hours in total, with 3 hours on the evening of July 18 and 3 hours on the evening of July 25, 2018. 6-9pm.... Read More


All levels of creative skill are welcome in this workshop/tour group. A focus on pencil sketching on location & watercolor lessons with advanced support for experienced painters working independently in other mediums. (Acrylic, pastel, oils, etc) Enjoy your Tuscan art... Read More

Adult Drawing at the Port Moody Arts Centre

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist we have a range of drawing classes to suit your needs. Check out our website to see the various classes available.

Drawing Bootcamp 6-9 yrs

CAMP INFO: This is an art camp for young budding artists with a focus on drawing skills! For each day in this week-long camp, kids will learn to draw a different subject matter. The objective is not to create... Read More

FCA Workshop – 12 Secrets of Artistic Creativity

“Creativity is intelligence at play” – Albert Einstein We all have the ability to be more creative in our art and in our lives, and with practice we can start to use more of our creative potential. This 2-part workshop... Read More

How to Draw/Paint the Eye

You’ll learn the basic anatomy of the eye and then get step-by-step instructions how to draw the eye. Once we feel confident with sketching eyes we’ll venture into painting them. Time: 11:00 – 3:00 (BYOLunch!) Level: Ages 16 – Adult

Kids Camp / 6-12 years

In this Class Kids will learn art from nature, exploring the shapes of leaves, texture from seashells, colours from flowers and tropical plants. We will also have two field trips to Bloedel Conservatory and Vancouver Art Gallery. Kids Camp Link:... Read More

Introduction to Botanical Illustration

This class is designed to teach the skills necessary to portray plants, both from an artistic and scientific perspective. We will explore Botanical Illustration through three different techniques involving pencil, pen, and watercolor. This class is for amateurs and committed... Read More

Teens for the Love of Drawing

This is for teens who want to further develop their drawing skills. Graphite, pencil crayon, ink and mixed media tools will be explored as well as various drawing methods and styles. There will be lots of design challenges to inspire... Read More

Drawing with Colour

This 6-week course focuses on strengthening the fundamentals of observational drawing. Students are encouraged to think about their subjects in colour, and expand their use of media. We will use washes of paint and ink to add colour and energy... Read More

Drawing & Painting 6-11 yrs

Through art projects that revolve around stories and imagination, children learn about the basics of drawing and art, such as form, shape, colour, line, and pattern. All supplies are included! My classes often make use of stories, science, and connections... Read More

Spring 2018 Kids Drawing Class in Lynn Valley

I host this after school class on Tuesdays with new and returning students. We start from what the different pencils are used for, progressing to contour drawing and shading. Learning proper one-point and two-point perspective, and correct proportions of the... Read More