Workshop/Class Subject: Watercolour Painting

Art and Soul of Summer 2019 KIDS Art Camp!

In the mornings we will be doing various structured exercises to develop your child’s drawing abilities. Each exercise will be used to develop your child’s ability to see things in a way so that they are able to interpret them... Read More

Watercolour on Japanese Art Paper Class & Demo

We’ll demo and introduce Winsor Newtons new line of Jewels watercolours first before holding a class on how to create spontaneous, expressive florals using the spray bottle. Join our small, friendly group. Explore new colours, courtesy of the store, then... Read More

Expressive Plant Drawing

Expressive Plant Drawing (DRWGw168-3) In this afternoon workshop, artist and floral designer, Jillian Player will bring in one of her fantastical floral displays as subject matter for an afternoon of drawing. Students will begin with studies using blind contour and... Read More

Painting the Everyday with Gouache

This workshop is inspired by the artist, illustrator and writer Maira Kalman (hyperlink to her webpage: The focus is on using objects that are part of everyday life, personal experiences, as well as using popular culture and current events... Read More

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist

Creativity Bootcamp: Exploring Your Inner Artist (MMEDw173-30) The workshop, taught by textile artist Natalie Grambow, will explore creativity through images, materials and idea development. Students will have the opportunity during these five days of immersion to delve into a journey... Read More

Watercolour Painting for Adults

Make the most of watercolour’s unpredictable nature as you practice brush control, laying washes and reserving highlights and methods such as dry brush and spattering paint. With experienced guidance, gain a fundamental understanding of materials and exercises that will build... Read More

The Contemporary Botanical

The inspiration for this workshop comes from the fantastical and intricate botanical drawings from the 16th through to the 19th century. The workshop begins by drawing a series of plant studies from observation that will be used later as a... Read More

Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Helping you Critique Your Work with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson For artists who want to get an honest critique of their art work…… For artists wondering where to go next or what should they do in order to improve their composition, design and color coordination. For artists... Read More

Bring People into your Painting with Watercolour with Wendy Harris (Jun)

BRING PEOPLE INTO YOUR PAINTING You are encouraged to bring a photo of an individual holding an umbrella. We will be painting the back of the subject, so we do not have to be concerned about the face. I will... Read More

Sunflower with Pen and Ink and Watercolour with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson This event is planned as a series highlighting different painting mediums and techniques. This class will be enjoyable and instructive for beginners and more advanced students. Day1: June 18: Painting the Piece Day 2: June 25: Finishing... Read More

Wild Horses in Watercolour with Richard Wong (Jun)

Instructor: Richard Wong This is a great opportunity to learn how to paint “Wild Horses”, as well as sample Richard’s workshops, as he’ll be presenting an exclusive series on “Mammals of Vancouver Island” this fall at the Coast Collective. Learn... Read More

Getting Intimate with Colour with Linda Anderson (Jun)

Instructor: Linda Anderson Create a Rolodex of watercolor or acrylic pigment interactions. Learn how to mix tones and tints to produce the desired value, warmth or coolness to accomplish the 3D affect on a 2D surface. This is a serious... Read More

Botanical Illustration – Coniferous Trees of Vancouver

This class introduces watercolour illustration by focusing on coniferous trees as the main subject. We will cover aspects of line drawing, watercolour techniques, composition, colour theory and textures. This is achieved through the study of the trees needles, cones, barks... Read More

Landscape Illustration Class – The Rocky Mountains

This class introduces watercolour illustration by focusing on mountains as the main subject. We will cover aspects of line drawing, watercolour techniques, composition, colour theory and textures. This is achieved through the study of mountain landscapes from a variety of... Read More

Intro to Watercolour – 6 Sessions

This class is aimed at all levels of aspiring watercolour artists. We will cover the basic aspects of line drawing, watercolour techniques, drawing from life, composition and colour theory. For the true watercolour enthusiasts, there are three advanced sessions in... Read More

Original Pillow Art with Wendy Harris (May)

Pillow Power You will complete one or two pillow covers in this class. A complete choice of colors for your own design or choose one of the samples that I have for you to trace. High quality fabric paint is... Read More

Moving Forward in Watercolour with Wendy Harris ( May)

Instructor: Wendy Harris Who doesn’t love sunny sunflowers? Wet-on-wet is a fun and free spirited way to start a painting. Then we will explore negative painting with lost and found edges. You will have a choice of a warm or... Read More

Watercolour Cards for the Beginner at Art Vancouver Taught by Kathy van Gogh

Have you always wondered about working with Watercolour? Many people shy away from Watercolour because it is more difficult to control then oil or acrylic. I will show you how I embrace that lack of control to produce absolutely lovely... Read More

Watercolour: Art and Science

Watercolour: Art and Science (PNTGs230-18) Throughout history, art and science co-existed in the with botanical and zoological drawings; diagrams of the earth’s structure and our solar systems; and in the form of medical illustrations, to give but a few examples.... Read More

Design for Painters

The foundation and language of any painting is composition and colour. These two elements go hand in hand: painters often do not consider the importance of a good compositional preparation and are often unaware of how a colour palette can... Read More

Beginner Watercolour

This 6 week introductory course, taking place on Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, teaches the basic skills and techniques of watercolour painting through step by step instructions, demonstrations and handouts. Students will go home at the end of each lesson... Read More

Demystify Colour with Deb Czernecky ( May 2019)

Instructor: Deb Czernecky So, you want to demystify colour mixing but the colour wheel seems daunting! This one day workshop is for you. At the end of the day you will understand the basic principles of colour theory, giving you... Read More

Plein Air on the Waterfront #53412

Plein Air on the Waterfront is a weekend of pure pleasure. Not just painting and trying different locations around the Musicbox, we will look at various materials, working easels, tools, carrying bags. We’ll discuss painting with watercolour, acrylics and even... Read More

Watercolour Intermediate #53391

We will focus on projects that require more time and allow us to experiment with different watercolour challenges. A painting may take a few classes because we will work on color, application of washes, test out brush work and more.... Read More

Watercolour with Sonia Mocnik

Students work on a smaller sized watercolour paper, usually 8 x 6, as they observe a step by step demonstration of a subject. Tracing images are provided to assist in easier drawing and helps the artist to more readily focus... Read More

Watercolor Plein Air

Enjoy outdoors with a paintbrush in hand! Let’s go in the forest, beach and park to paint some beautiful things. In this week long Plein Air you will explore textures and find best compositions for painting nature, seascapes and buildings.... Read More

Spring Classes – Watercolour on Masa Paper

Monday, April 1-May 13, 12:30-2:30pm, OPUS Victoria. $120/6, or $20/class. Join Richard Wong and learn how to create beautiful watercolours on Japanese art paper using techniques unique to masa paper. His classes are relaxed, fun and fully supported. Richard’s lessons... Read More

Atelier Class – Drawing and Painting

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to present this Atelier style class with classically-trained artist Alex Greghi. Learn to draw and paint like the masters, even with little or no previous portfolio experience. Step by step, the students will further... Read More

Portfolio Building

The Langley Arts Council is pleased to offer Portfolio Building classes with skilled art instructor Alex Greghi. Build a strong portfolio that you can submit to post-secondary studio and design programs and help yourself stand out from the competition! Learn... Read More

Introducing Watercolour with Wendy Harris (Apr)

Wednesdays, 6:30 to 9:00 pm Please register by April 17, 2019 $110+gst Price includes all supplies Instructor: Wendy Harris For you beginner enthusiasts, I will share my secrets of watercolour! We will start small and work larger as we go... Read More