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July 19, 2019 - July 19, 2024

Watercolour classes for all ages

Instructor: Tania Anisimova

WATERCOLOUR CLASSES FOR ALL AGES Private classes for anyone who is interested in Watercolor painting from school age students to adults/seniors delivered by a professional watercolour artist with over 7 years of experience. You choose a reference you’d like to...

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September 01, 2021 - December 31, 2023

Plein Air One on One Instruction

Instructor: Michael King

Want to try your hand at Plein Air Painting but don't know where to start or need guidance when it comes to painting outside? I have an open schedule for booking one on one or small groups, up to four...

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January 01, 2023 - December 31, 2023

Painting & Drawing Classes

Instructor: Canvas Method

Brush up on your creative skills at Canvas Method! We offer painting and drawing classes that focus on the figure, portrait, landscape, still life, floral, and more. Whether it's oil paint, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pastel, or digital, we have some...

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April 02, 2023 - December 30, 2023

Private Drawing Lessons – Bring Your Passion to Draw to LIfe

Instructor: Wendy

Bring Your Passion to Draw to Life Would you like your eagles to soar, your waves to crash and your leaves to swirl in the wind? Good Drawing Skills will bring your Work to Life.  I design lessons that  focus on...

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September 07, 2023 - September 28, 2023

Classical Portrait Drawing Class Long Pose

Instructor: Noah Layne

Drawing is the foundation of all realist art. In this 4 week class, Noah will show you classical techniques for drawing a realistic portrait. Noah will teach the use of plumb lines, comparative measurement, and tilt angle to find correct...

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September 10, 2023 - December 03, 2023

Classical Oil Portrait Painting Class

Instructor: Noah Layne

Come learn techniques for painting the portrait. In this class there will be three, two week long poses. Noah will show you classical techniques for painting a realistic portrait. Noah will teach the use of plumb lines, comparative measurement, and...

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September 10, 2023 - October 01, 2023

Block In Figure Drawing

Instructor: Noah Layne

The block in is a very important step in drawing well, it's the foundation and core that everything is built upon. Getting the proportion and contour drawn right allows you to then focus on modeling the light as it falls...

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September 11, 2023 - December 04, 2023

Cast Drawing Atelier

Instructor: Noah Layne

Mondays 6-9pm and Thursdays 2-5pm Fall Trimester. Sept. 11th to Dec. 4th 12 weeks. 72 hours. Apply today! For the first three months students will start by doing masterworks copies and other exercises before moving to drawing from plaster casts....

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September 12, 2023 - November 14, 2023

Drawing Fundamentals

Instructor: c hunter

This intensive drawing course will provide the skills needed for the sound practice of drawing. Learn correct measurement techniques by drawing still life and the figure with an emphasis on line and tone. In addition, the age old practice and...

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September 13, 2023 - November 15, 2023

Painting with Watercolours

Instructor: c hunter

This beginner level course introduces the typical materials and techniques of watercolour painting, including basic drawing skills. Explore glazing and wet-on-wet techniques, flat and graded washes, as well as colour, value, and composition. This course includes lectures and demonstrations with...

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