Add Glitz & Glamour with Opus Essential Acrylics Holiday Sparkle Set

November 8, 2021

This holiday season, Opus Art Supplies adds some real sparkle to the Opus Essential Acrylics range with a new limited-edition set of 6 colours.

Unwrap the set to find six 60mL colours: three iridescent colours in Holiday Sparkle Pearl, Holiday Sparkle Copper, Holiday Sparkle Gold; and three semi-transparent in Prussian Blue, Green Gold, and Quinacridone Fuchsia, brilliantly chosen for their colour mixing capabilities to open your palette to a new world of possibilities.

On one side of the spectrum, the set creates rich metallics with shimmery hues to brighten the dull winter months. Notably, the mixable combinations from the iridescent colours offer an array of rose golds, yellow golds, and warm coppers – reminiscent of holiday ornaments twinkling in the light.

Moving down the spectrum, Green Gold combines with Prussian Blue, and Quinacridone Fuchsia to create complex shades, inspiring an evergreen tree landscape with rich browns, multi-toned greens, and shadows of cool navy blues

Venturing further into the set, discover the special hues achieved by mixing combinations of iridescent and transparent colours. Mixed together these colours can create a myriad of colours from warm to cool with unique metallic and shimmering qualities evocative of satin.

What will you create when you open your palette to the rich and complex realm of colour possibilities from the limited edition Holiday Sparkle Set of Opus Essential Acrylic Colours? Available online and in-store this season, while supplies last.

Holiday Sparkle Set

Holiday Sparkle Opus Essential Acrylic Set

$68.80 / Set

Make your art shimmer and shine with the new Holiday Sparkle Limited Edition Opus Essential Acrylics Set of 6 Tubes. Including iridescent in Holiday Sparkle Gold, Copper and Pearl, and rich transparent colours Green Gold, Prussian Blue and Quinacridone Fuchsia. A one-of-a-kind set for mixing deep and complex colours. Plus, Opus will donate 5% of the purchase of this set to the Art Brings Us Together Program!

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