Month: June 2021

Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable Brush

Professional Watercolour Techniques: Three Contributors to Granulation

Wildlife Virtual Gallery

Explore the Outdoors with Wildlife A Gallery To Explore The World Around Us   Nature has long triggered the perfect state of mind for creativity, prompting us to create new perspectives of the world around us. During the last few... Read More

Explore Plein Air Painting with Maria Josenhans

Start to Finish: Layering, Glazing, and Varnishing

Everything to Know about Working Outdoors with Water Mixable Oils

Oil paints have long been used for their many unique properties like their extended working time and beautiful brush strokes. Although, working with solvents can be hazardous without proper ventilation and clean up takes longer than acrylic and watercolour. With... Read More

Explore Indigenous Art – James Harry

Explore Indigenous Art – Michelle Stoney

Explore Indigenous Art – Sheldon Pierre Louis

Explore Indigenous Art – Rande Cook

Explore Indigenous Art – Shawn Hunt

Explore Indigenous Art – Lee Claremont

Explore Indigenous Art – Dennis Joseph Weber

Explore Indigenous Art – Robert Davidson

Explore Indigenous Art – George Littlechild

Explore Indigenous Art – Roy Henry Vickers CM OBC

‘Explore’ – The Nature of Indigenous Art

Copic Award 2021

Copic Award 2021 is Here The COPIC AWARD is a competition that provides an opportunity to share diverse artworks created using Copic products. It connects Copic fans from around the world to inspire each other and to enjoy a collective... Read More

Colour Story: Winsor Violet (Dioxazine) from Winsor & Newton

  Winsor Violet (Dioxazine), made from PV23 (Pigment Violet 23), is a vivid purple pigment introduced into the Winsor & Newton range in the 1960s. Its strong mass tone is almost black and when diluted this colour reveals a paler soft... Read More

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Synthetic Hog Brush

Driven by innovation, a synthetic brush that performs at a professional level Using Winsor & Newton’s unique brush-making expertise to provide artists with an innovative alternative: the new Artists’ Oil Synthetic Hog brush range. Available in a range of sizes... Read More

Explore Urban Sketching Virtual Gallery

Explore the Outdoors with Urban Sketching A Gallery To Explore The World Around Us   Nature triggers a state of mind teeming with memories, emotions and ideas – the perfect space to create, to contemplate different perspectives, understand ourselves and... Read More