Month: January 2017

Why Varnish?

The final step in a painter’s process is one of the most important: varnishing. Much like the glass on a framed work on paper, varnish offers a removable protective surface that shields your paintings on canvas or panel from dirt,... Read More

A Beginner’s Journey to Hand Lettering

Jump down to: Quick Tips for Getting Started • Hand Lettering Resources & Related Products • Join Me for 28 Days of Hand Lettering Practice! Over the past year, my sketchbook has been filled with pages of attempts at hand... Read More

Getting to the Core of Graphite

Smart Printing: From Phone to Home

“The best camera is the one that’s with you,” Chase Jarvis. For many of us, that camera is the one built into our smartphones. The portability and connectivity of these communication devices to social media means you always have a... Read More