Month: November 2020

The Legend of Rose Madder

    Rose madder is a distinctive rose-coloured pigment made from the roots of the common madder plant, Rubia tinctorum. It is a transparent pigment with granulating properties in watercolour. A natural organic lake pigment, it was first used as... Read More

Unique Colours: Ultramarine – The Blue Gold

Discover Ultramarine Blue!   Ultramarine is a colour that has appealed to people’s imagination since the early Middle Ages. These days it is impossible to imagine the standard palette without this intense blue with its excellent lightfastness. However, up until... Read More

Unique Colours: Quinacridone Gold

Discover Quinacridone Gold! This colour is not what it seems at first glance – it looks like a warm, rich brown straight out of the tube, but it is very transparent and lends a glorious glow to paintings. It also... Read More

Art Brings Us Together: Help Through The Holidays

Undeniably, 2020 has been a tough year. As the pandemic’s taken hold, our world has changed, causing pain and suffering across our creative community. We continue to confront ongoing uncertainties, and our hearts go out to everyone, already finding things... Read More