Month: May 2021

Urban Sketching with Jose de Juan

Jose de Juan graduated from The Madrid Art Academy in his native Spain and moved to the USA in 1994, where he began working as a computer artist in the film industry. Despite rigorous career demands, his passion for painting... Read More

Our Top Four Easel Picks to Take Outdoors

  Here are our top picks of packable, portable, and lightweight easels. All of which are great options for your next plein air adventure. 6 Cup Easel Perfect for Plein Air and handmade locally in BC! The Six Cup Easel... Read More

Balancing Acrylic Paints for Marbling

Paints and materials prepared to balance colors for marbling. What is Marbling? “Marbling” is the time-honored artist technique where thinned paints are placed onto a thickened “bath” usually made from carrageenan or methylcellulose. The paints float on the surface of... Read More

Marbling Paints: A Timeless Trend

Can you believe the marbling technique dates back to the twelfth century? Back then, the Japanese technique was originally termed suminagashi, meaning “ink floating”. It was created by chance, from submerging old ink paintings into water. The ink would separate... Read More

Urban Sketching with Zandro Tumaliuan

Seven Tips for Painting en Plein Air

Born and bred among Cornwall’s jagged cliffs and churning seas, artist Glyn Macey draws much of his creative inspiration from the serenity and extremes of natural landscapes. His practice reflects a dialogue with the environment, its essence captured with a... Read More

Ceramic Underglazing with Speedball

  Ready to give your ceramics a pop of colour? This is a  helpful walkthrough to the fundamental techniques for decorating with underglazes, this how-to breaks down the steps to creating beautiful designs on bisqueware with Speedball Underglazes. Speedball Underglaze... Read More

The Romance of Dusk and Dawn Using Colour

Let’s face it, there isn’t much that can beat the beauty of an early morning sunrise or a warm sunset! It doesn’t matter where you are, the sight will leave you in awe. As you witness this transition of colour... Read More

Beyond Boundaries Virtual Gallery

“Being comfortable with being uncomfortable”   During these times, pushing ourselves beyond our perceived creative limits can generate meaningful change – within us, in our communities or even the world at large. So let’s dare to step outside the box,... Read More