Month: August 2020

Creative Summers – Round Two

With Labour Day just around the corner it’s nearly time to close the doors on our Creative Summers Gallery, but not before we show off one final round of some of your spectacular work! It’s been brilliant to see so... Read More

Creative Summers Round One

Art classes, staycations, daily challenges, memories, gardens, family, escapism … despite the challenges of 2020, all different sorts of things are inspiring you this August! It’s really uplifting to see such an extraordinary array of fabulous, imaginative art pile into... Read More

Artist Taka Sudo Teams up with HYPHA Project & Opus

  Tokyo-born, BC-based artist, Taka Sudo emblazoned the cover of our first Create in June 2019. Inspired by human nature, his surroundings, and current affairs, Taka combines neon tones of spray paint with neutral colours of newsprint to amplify the... Read More