Heartfelt Stories from our Art Is A Gift Virtual Gallery

December 3, 2021

Art is a gift – it connects us, moves us and engages us, enhancing our lives and the lives of others. It feeds our imagination, inspires and challenges us. It makes us feel, think, and act in new ways. No matter how you look at it, art is a gift.


This season, we asked you, how do you perceive the prompt “art is a gift”? Plus, we encouraged the community to submit their take on “art is a gift” with a piece of artwork to our virtual gallery with the hashtag #OpusArtGift on Instagram.

Below are some of the heartfelt entries to the gallery so far… Thank you all for participating and those that are featured will receive a $50 Opus Gift Card!

Homa, Archival paintings in watercolour & coloured pencils

Art is a gift both for its creator and the viewer. It is a meditative process that relieves stress; it’s soothing, healing, and comforting.

Moreover, sharing it with others, spreads this positive energy and brings joy and happiness.

Covid has confined many people, including elderly and those who are immunocomprimised, to their homes and isolated them from the rest of the world. Sending them unique, handpainted cards with handwritten messages not only allows us to give the gift of art and share its beauty with others, but also lets them know that they are appreciated, not forgotten, and certainly not alone!


Handpainted watercolour card (5″x7″) with handmade envelope.

Instagram: @watercolour.craft

Tuli Bird, Printmaker, illustrator, and late night coffee drinker.
Currently living in unceded Coast Salish Territory

Though this was originally a commission it was for a close friend and it was like a gift to be able to paint this however I liked. I feel like it isn’t very often that artist get to be told to do what the want and make it their exact style. It was a very sweet gesture, a gift you could say.

I almost didn’t give up this piece. It lived on my wall for 8 months while we made arrangements for it to be picked up.

 Instagram: @tulibird

Tiffany Blaise, Contemporary landscape painter

Ode to Autumn, 16″ X 16”, mixed media on canvas, Fall 2021 “Changeful Dreams”


This piece is called “Waking, Dreaming” and is from my newest painting collection, which is composed of various visual fragments that have been woven together to create emotive illusory landscapes. “Art is a gift” really rings true to me as I am so grateful to have the time and space to create! Art is a fulfilling practice where I can channel both emotion and imagination into creating something meaningful, and this brings me so much joy.


Swirling pastel skies hover above tiny trees. Lately I’ve been feeling drawn to trees and foliage in the landscape because of the gorgeous changing colours of the fall season. Bright orange and yellow leaves pop in contrast to the grey cloudy days on the west coast. This piece is an ode to the splendour of autumn.⁠

Instagram: @tiffanyblaiseart

Website: tiffanyblaiseart.comcbsteele.com

Angela Seear , Contemporary Artist, Vancouver

*Eventide* Acrylic on Wood Panel 48” x 24” x 1.75”

“Art is a gift” can be interpreted in a number of different ways. For me, it is a privilege. Being able to create artwork that can inspire and bring joy to people, and being able to do that full time, is truly a gift. I am thankful for that privilege every day.

Instagram: @angelaseear_artist

website: angelaseear.com

Linda Morris, Local artist making oil paintings, landscapes, still life, animal portraits, local scenes,

Art is a gift for sure, we all need art to show how our feelings can affect how we view the world. My Winter Wonderland which reminds me of when we lived in Prince George and had so much fun in the snow, literally brings back those memories that we all cherish. 8×10 in oils on gallery-wrapped canvas… look for it in the Semiahmoo Winter Solstice exhibition coming in December…



Colette Tan, ethereal + abstract artist

Name : Perfect Medium : Acrylic on wood panel

“Art is a gift” is a profound truth, an understated statement in my opinion. I would like to partially quote C.S. Lewis – “… art … has no survival value, rather it is one of those things which give value to survival.” Art is both a gift endowed from Above as well as a to others, both to the painters themselves and the viewers. It has the special power to touch the hearts and souls of humankind beyond words and sound, unspoken yet loud. Indeed, it adds value to survival and is a conduit of beauty.


Instagram: @colettetanart


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