Chart Your Creativity!

August 17, 2017

The sketchpad – redefined! We’re excited to announce the latest in pads and paper from the Chartpak family of brands.

Designed by some of the most passionate papermakers in the industry, these pads offer outstanding papers for every media. The covers tell the story of what’s inside: red for drawing, blue for painting, purple for markers, and orange for technical papers. And look for extra features like the In & Out™ pages and InkBlock™ panels, too!

In & Out™ Pages

The In & Out™ pages are held in the binding with Domelock™ edges, allowing you to remove sheets from the pad for painting, reworking, scanning, handing in just one page for art class assignments, and more. As the dual-loop wire binding and Domelock™ edges are consistent throughout the line, you can even mix and match pages from multiple books to create your own unique mixed media sketchbook! To remove a sheet, gently pull the sheet towards you; put it back into the pad by lining up the domes between the wire binding and gently press into place. The sheets are also micro-perforated so you can completely remove the Domelock™ edge for displaying.

Rough out your ideas in the Koh-I-Noor Heavy Sketch Pad, a substantial 114 gsm (70 lb) bright white sketch paper with a durable, fine tooth texture, helping it stand up to erasing, then create your finished drawing in the Koh-I-Noor Heavy Drawing Pad Its heavyweight 185 gsm (114lb) drawing paper is thick with a medium tooth and a re-workable surface perfect for multiple layers of dry media. Both papers are well-suited for use with graphite, coloured pencil, charcoal, pastel, and pen & ink.

Add drama to your drawings with the Koh-I-Noor Black Drawing Pad. Its 104 gsm (70 lb) black paper has been beater-dyed utilizing fade resistant formulations to guarantee longevity. With a fine tooth texture, it is perfect for gel pens, acrylic markers, and coloured pencils. The Grumbacher Mixed Media Pad is a 185 gsm (80 lb) heavy drawing paper with a medium tooth, perfect for dry media, inks and markers, and light washes of wet media.

For use with all media plus the ability to do heavy washes, try the Grumbacher Watercolor Pad. Its white, 300 gsm cold press paper has an optimized sizing level to ensure good wet and dry lifting. Or try acrylics! The Grumbacher Acrylic Pad offers a heavyweight, 300 gsm (140 lb), white paper with a cold pressed surface. It has been optimally sized for all acrylic paints, markers, and inks.

InkBlock™ Panels

The Pen Paper and Marker pads feature a cover that includes an InkBlock™ panel to protect your paper as you create your work in the pad. Simply fold the panel under the sheet you wish to work upon and the sheets below will remain free from any indentation or marking from bleed through.

With a special ink-receptive coating on its smooth surface, the Koh-I-Noor Pen Paper Pad’s 118 gsm (80 lb), bright white paper is perfect for high contrast pen and ink drawings. For colours that pop, the bright white paper of the AD Marker Pad is ideal, carefully developed for marker rendering. The smooth surface and special coating on this 175 gsm paper provides clean crisp edges when using solvent and alcohol markers. Both pads also work nicely with dry media such as graphite and coloured pencil.

1000H Design Vellum

The gold standard of design vellum! This 100% cotton paper is made translucent without the use of solvents, and will not become yellow, brittle, or opaque with age.

Also new from Chartpak: Vellum Pads!
The Clearprint 1000H Design Vellum Pad contains 60 gsm (16 lb) paper with a translucent and uniform surface. Compatible with graphite, coloured pencil, pen & ink, and marker, your lines will come out sharp with no feathery edges or ghosting. When you want a heavier weight vellum for a wider variety of media, the Clearprint Heavy Vellum Pad offers a 180 gsm (48 lb) surface. •