Colorex: As Good as Gold

February 25, 2021


Named after the precious metal, the colour gold has long been associated with wealth, luxury and confidence. Although the colour may seem pretentious to some, especially when used in excess, gold remains a timeless colour. In the art world, using even just a little bit of gold is a great way to catch the eye, enliven darker areas or add a feeling of elegance or cheerfulness to an art piece.



COLOREX – Rich Gold


As a slightly darker shade of gold, Rich Gold retains all the symbolism associated with gold, but is a little warmer and more intense. The Colorex Rich Gold colour is one of those beautiful, versatile paints that artists can’t get enough of, whether to add metallic details or to create a uniform, shiny underpainting. Well-known by professional illustrators and designers for its liveliness and amazing concentration, the Colorex line of inks contains 3 metallic colours. All three boast an impressive opaque finish, which allows them to be used pure. Rich Gold specifically is a long-time artist favourite composed of bronze powder, giving the colour a remarkable glitter with a velvety finish.




Gold tones are easily paired with many – if not most – colours, making it an essential in any artist’s paint assortment.

In an analogous colour scheme, pair gold with shades of yellow, orange or red for a harmonious result.

In a complementary colour scheme, opt for blue, purple or even green. No matter the shade, jewel tones always look elegant accompanying Rich Gold.

Gold also looks very classy when paired with black, grey and warm white. Simple but effective!


By Jane Monteith


Mixed Media artist Jane Monteith (@janelovesdesign on Instagram) is an incredible creator who is known for incorporating gold into many of her pieces. Usually paired with blues, greens and/or greys, Colorex Rich Gold has become one of Jane’s staple golden metallic paints.


“I love using the COLOREX Rich Gold because it has a beautiful tone and sheen. It is thick but smooth when stirred and applied to the art surface. As well, it’s extremely versatile and can be used in a number of different ways/applications; either as underpainting for texture reveal or as a regular metallic paint colour. I love gold in general and use it in most forms of my art. I’m drawn to the beauty and elegance of gold and feel as though it adds an air of sophistication to my work.” 




The colour Rich Gold is a useful and fun addition to any palette. In its Colorex ink form, it allows for play with opacity, texture and fluidity. Get inspired by Jane Monteith’s amazing artworks and give it a try!


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