Essential Colours Made For Artists

July 16, 2021

With the goal to ensure that artists can create with confidence and optimism, Opus has an overall vision and commitment to offer the finest paints and products to our customers. Knowing that quality comes first, our search for like minded artisans to collaborate with has culminated in our proud line of Opus Essential Paints.  

Our master paint maker brings over 30 years and 3 generations of family members, producing professional quality Oil, Acrylics and Watercolours to our Opus Essential Paint line.  These paints are made with the highest standards and in many ways, embody our core Opus values.


Our Opus Essential Watercolour paint line, like our other paint lines, uses the finest quality ingredients and trusted recipes to produce consistent rich, and vibrant colours. Along with a small crew, our master paint maker makes small crafted batches of paints which allow them to closely monitor and regulate each production to perfectly match and ensure consistency. One of the greatest benefits of working with a smaller manufacturer is that we are also able to act on customer feedback, which we welcome.

Our close partnership has also allowed us to make products that mean more to us than just quality and affordability. For example, all of our paints are made with ingredients that are free from animal byproducts and ethically sourced. 

In the case of our Opus Essential Watercolours, the importance of where our ingredients come from is extremely important. Gum arabic is derived from the sap of acacia trees and is an essential ingredient in watercolor paints but not all gum arabic is responsibly cultivated, sourced, and harvested. Our master paint maker sources the gum arabic in our watercolours from a company that works with impoverished communities who benefit from the incorporation of organic growing practices, improvements of soil fertilization and biodiversity. They also work to prevent deforestation & desertification of their precious lands. This reciprocal relationship upholds fair wages and works to empower communities.

We are excited to hear about your interactions with our Opus Essential paints and are committed to continue to uphold the standards that speak about who we are now and where we want to be moving forward.

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