Landscape Virtual Gallery

July 23, 2021

Explore the Outdoors with LANDSCAPE

A Gallery To Explore The World Around Us


Adventure into the outdoors together with highlights from the last chapter of the Opus Explore Virtual Gallery. This round we explored landscapes!  Dive in to the paintings, drawings and sketches of land formations, iconic locations, and nature scenes around us from our community. Thank you to everyone for participating!

Peri-Laine Nilan, artist and art educator

Heritage Gate, gouache 6” x 6”. Peri is a New Westminster artist and art educator, teaching classes for her local community. She studied art in Mexico and is a retired teacher.

Andrea England, Watercolour artist who ran away to sea

Where’s your favourite beach?

Brady Beach is one of my favourite places on the West Coast. It’s a long sweep of sand, split into sections by towering stacks of rock. Each stack is crested with wind-blown trees and vegetation. The sides facing the ocean are bare- they take the brunt of the incoming waves during the winter storms. Driftwood piled up beyond the high tide line hints at how dramatic those storms can be.

Each visit is different. The changing light and weather, the swirling seas and the shifting tides mean the beach is never the same twice. The tide pools at the top of the beach are also always changing. They may be full of colourful anemones and tiny fish- or hidden entirely beneath the waves.

‘Golden Days’ is 11” x 14” and will be released in my ‘Explorations’ collection on July 1st.

Tell me about your favourite beach(es)! I’d love to hear what’s special about them! (My other favourites include Whale Bay near Tutukaka, New Zealand and Champagne Beach in Tasmania)!

Daniel A Dearborn, Artist

Rolling Sky 20×24. Daniel has been painting for over 40 years producing only original pieces. Inspired by dreams visions,his art is colourful and passionate.

Kai Liu,  ECUAD | Printmaker & Painter

Granville Island No.4
Oil on canvas.
20” x 16”

Using acrylics after many decades in soft pastels, I am really enjoying the challenge of a new medium. Unlike past work in cityscapes a d still life, I am now enjoying landscape, another new challenge!

No matter what your level of skill or artistic ambition, we hope our investigation into the creative cycle has been fruitful. We’ve focussed a lot on the commercial side recently, but it’s vital to remember that creating for your own pleasure is just as important – we don’t all need to strive to become professional artists! As Blythe Scott said in our visual podcast, ‘Living in a world where everyone was creatively fulfilled, would be a great thing’. So as a community, let’s continue to support and encourage each other in all our artistic endeavours, no matter how big or small, each step of the way. Keep making, stay inspired and keep sharing!

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Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge 2021

Let’s Explore The World Around Us

Join the Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge and get immersed into the plein air painting season! This event is an important practice in sharing our creativity with others in our neighbourhoods, inviting all to see nature spring to life on our participants’ canvases.

From those just beginning to explore their creativity to seasoned plein air artists, this challenge is an exciting and enjoyable way to share enthusiasm for the arts with your community, create in the outdoors, meet new people, and win great prizes. Participants are invited to work in any medium they wish, using acrylics or oils, watercolour, pencil, collage, or all of the above.

This year’s Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge is self directed, and takes place from July 15–25, giving participants 11 days (with 2 weekends!) to complete the challenge.