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June 7, 2021

Explore the Outdoors with Urban Sketching

A Gallery To Explore The World Around Us


Nature triggers a state of mind teeming with memories, emotions and ideas – the perfect space to create, to contemplate different perspectives, understand ourselves and others, visualise the future, remember the past, and generate meaning and images from our experiences. It’s a magical, everyday force, which everyone can draw inspiration from.

We Explored the urban world around us through all the beautiful sketches that got sent in. A fresh-aired wander can quieten the cacophony of thoughts and worries that preoccupy our modern minds, making space for our imaginations to take hold. As we keep exploring the outdoors, we explore our inner world.

We want to thank everyone who sent in their artwork and their story on how they went out and explored their neighbourhood.





Homa Eftekhar, watercolour artist

Granville Icon
From “Industrial Island” of industries and factories, through multiple fires and economic problems, Granville Island was reimagined as a hub of arts and culture. Long-term residents Gilley Brothers changed their name to Ocean Concrete and remained on the Island. Surrounded by art shops, studios, theatres, Opus Art Supplies and, until very recently, Emily Carr School of Art, Ocean Concrete decided to harmonize with the Island’s new spirit. For the Vancouver 2014 Bienniale, Ocean Concrete commissioned the Brazilian twins, Gustaro and Otavio Pandolofo, to paint a mural on their ugly grey silos and in the process created a Granville island icon which lures hundreds of tourist. They also commissioned the painting of fruits and vegetables on some of their cement trucks which travel all over the Lower Mainland reminding the viewers of the Granville Island Market.





Heather Souliere, Artist & Urban Sketcher

Here’s my finished drawing of the Telus Garden Residences in downtown Vancouver, Canada.

I’m using an Etchr hot press sketchbook size A5, a Sakura micron pen size 01, and ink washes made from Speedball Super Black India Ink applied with Allegro brushes from Opus Art Supplies







Niki P. , Watercolour artist


A little neighbourhood cafe. I love their sweet treats. 😊 We had our important art meeting with friends on their patio before our group exhibition back in 2019. 😁





deville.design, Urban sketches and illustrations

Things got messy at the park today 🖌 🎨 🌳




matt.was.here_art, Urban sketches and illustrations

View of downtown Vancouver from the statue of Harry Jerome at Hallelujah Point, Stanley Park

Harry Jerome was an Olympic bronze medalist and former joint 100 metre world record holder in 1960 – the second Vancouverite to hold the record, after Percy Williams in 1930. 🇨🇦




Get ready to Explore Wildlife.

Louise Nicholson @louisenicholsonartist

Gallery Starts  June 7th

The natural world is filled with creatures that inspire us. Paint, draw, sculpt or sketch wildlife and share along with a story about your experience creating the piece for your chance to WIN! Join us and participate in the #OpusExplore Virtual Gallery to get warmed up for the Opus Outdoor Painting Challenge taking place July 15–25. Every story and artwork submitted counts as an entry in the draw to win weekly art supplies and gift card prizes. Entries selected for inclusion in an Opus article will also receive a $50 Opus Gift Card! 

*Share and enter by adding the hashtag #OpusExplore to your post on Instagram or submit via our online form. All submissions will show up in the Opus Explore Virtual Gallery. Each post will count as an entry to win weekly art supplies prizes.  Entries selected for articles will receive a $50 Opus Gift Card and may be featured in an Opus Art Supplies email, on the website, and/or in social media content.


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No matter what your level of skill or artistic ambition, we hope our investigation into the creative cycle has been fruitful. We’ve focussed a lot on the commercial side recently, but it’s vital to remember that creating for your own pleasure is just as important – we don’t all need to strive to become professional artists! As Blythe Scott said in our visual podcast, ‘Living in a world where everyone was creatively fulfilled, would be a great thing’. So as a community, let’s continue to support and encourage each other in all our artistic endeavours, no matter how big or small, each step of the way. Keep making, stay inspired and keep sharing!