Exploring Artist Canvas: New Textures and Shapes From FREDRIX

September 27, 2021

North America’s longest living canvas brand, FREDRIX® Canvas, has landed at OPUS! We are all familiar with the standard 7–11oz primed canvas in ‘standard’ or ‘gallery’ depth rectangle and flat round shapes.  What is much less known, is the variety of textures and shapes now available at OPUS. Your technique may produce very different results depending on the canvas surface texture and the grounds used in the gesso or primer. 


With over 150 years of Canvas priming experience, FREDRIX applies a proprietary coating process which allows the gesso to penetrate in the canvas for archival results. FREDRIX leads the market for innovative canvas surfaces and uses.


“I found my love for graffiti art in the 90’s from subway train rides in the city. Seeing the colors, styles and creativity the artists displayed opened my eyes to the idea that you can externalize your thoughts and dreams into something that contributes to art culture. The ability to create art and bring ideas to life simply by the flow of letters and a balanced storyline helped artists like me to break out of societies boundaries and experiment with different combinations. It’s all about how you visualize and take risk. FREDRIX has provided me with some exciting new mediums, and I love the texture and durability of their marker canvas.” See more of Kever’s art on Instagram @keverones.

FREDRIX Marker Canvas

Newest to the market is their Marker Canvas. Starting with their smoothest poly/cotton weave, they have applied a proprietary ink-receptive coating that is unlike anything in the market. This triple-primed canvas has a bright white surface and is bleed proof, ensuring sharp, vibrant colours, and is available in both rolls and pads.

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Kimberly Deene Herring

“From my studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, my mixed media creations areinspired by my favorite music, the beautiful outdoors and my self-proclaimed,‘inner hippie.’” See more of Kimberly’s work at KimberlyDeene.com.

FREDRIX Metallic Canvas

Metallic canvases are another new and fun release from FREDRIX. Triple-primed in the USA, the metallic gesso allows the artwork to pop with a vibrant, luminous shimmer where left unpainted. Available in rolls, stretched canvas, and cut-edge panels. Ready for oils, acrylics, alcohol inks, markers, spray paint and much more!

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Emma Dane Garfield

“My favorite pieces to paint are my large oil paintings of flowers on the Convexo Canvases. My goal with these paintings is to make the ordinary extraordinary and to reveal the delicate complexity of an everyday bloom. The 3D aspect of the canvases is perfect to make the flowers pop.” See more of Emma’s work at EmmaGarfield.com and on Instagram at @edg_originals.

FREDRIX Convexo Canvas

Unique round and oval shapes with depth are in the Convexo line. No need to frame like the usual round or oval stretched canvas, FREDRIX Convexo canvases are dimensional with 1-1/2″ curved bevel edges. These canvases can be hung without a frame.


“I’m a contemporary painter inspired by the beauty and perfect imperfection of nature. My work mimics the organic shapes of the natural world as a way to express and invoke emotion. My hope is to draw the viewer in with a spark of curiosity. The pieces start with a mood or feeling. I work with inks that are painted, dripped and manipulated with air. FREDRIX Watercolor Canvas is the perfect substrate because it allows the colors to flow and move as I guide the inks across the canvas. It’s ideal for fluid art, and with FREDRIX I know that I’m getting the highest quality canvas, which is important to me.” See more of Kasie’s work at KasieSallee.com.

FREDRIX Watercolor Canvas

Watercolor Canvas provides properties paper can only dream of – no more tearing or holes! Watercolor canvas from FREDRIX has a very fine texture and their most absorbent grounds for a very unique surface. You can lift paint with a damp brush, allowing unprecedented flexibility. See tips and tricks for FREDRIX Watercolor Canvas here


“My name is Iris Scott, and I am revolutionizing the art world with the tips of my fingers. My goal is to place my paintings in museums so that little girls can see more women included among the masters. I use PRO Dixie canvases for large museum-scale artworks, and I love working with FREDRIX.” See more of Iris’ work at IrisScottFineArt.com.

FREDRIX Pro Dixie Canvas

If you love heavy texture, impasto, or just want a canvas to take anything you can throw at it, check out FREDRIX PRO DIXIE canvas. Dixie is a medium texture, heavy weight 17.5 oz primed 100% cotton canvas.


“I love living in Southern California, where I incorporate abstract and traditional techniques into my bold, expressive figurative paintings. I have found that FREDRIX linen canvases provide me the perfect balance of a strong, yet refined surface to capture both the beautiful details in a face as well as the thick impasto areas of my abstract backgrounds. I keep a supply of FREDRIX canvases on hand for whenever the inspiration strikes.” See more of Matt’s work on Instagram @talbertart.

FREDRIX Belgian Linen Canvas

Saving the best for last, certified Belgian Linen Canvas in both raw and primed stretched canvas, allows you to paint like a master. FREDRIX sources from the same Belgian linen growers for over 50 years and this classic surface provides unique texture and character.

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