FLASHE: Absolute Colour on Any Surface

August 16, 2021
FLASHE is a pioneering vinyl-based paint that is characterized by its matt properties and its intense covering power on a wide variety of supports. It enables the artist to paint on any painting surface, with a strong paint film that maintains the power of the colours. Because FLASHE is made with a different resin than acrylic paints, it produces different results. It is much more than a matt acrylic paint – it unleashes the intensity of the pigments and the luminosity of the colours with a matt finish.

Powerful Colour

  • Paints are developed with high-quality pigments: a high level of purity ensures radiant colours, optimum blending and exceptional durability.


  • Luminous pigments: specific pigment treatment techniques give unique luminosity: colours seem to shimmer while maintaining their matt finish.


  • High pigment density: pigment strength is so strong that the colour remains powerful, even when the paint is diluted.

Unique Texture



  • Creamy texture enables spontaneous painting.


  • Supple, elastic texture which transforms into a strong film.


  • Good coverage*, especially for opaque colours, and so can be used as an undercoat for oil or acrylic for large formats and matt colours.


*This makes it possible to cover a 5 x greater surface area than with a traditional acrylic paint

Application on Multitude of Surfaces


  • Ultra-adherent formulation: can be applied on all non-oily painting surfaces directly, without priming such as wood, textile, leather, metal, paper, polystyrene, etc.


  • Uniform finish: the colour finish is identical on all painting surfaces.

Unique and Solid Finish


  • Unique formulation: a vinyl resin emulsion combined with high-end pigment. FLASHE colours maintain complete pigment intensity (unlike traditional acrylic resin, which can degrade the pigment). FLASHE can be used with a high level of dilution, without breaking the film. The inner radiance of the pigments comes to the surface.


  • Solid and durable colour: colour withstands the test of time thanks to the high resin and pigment quality. For working outside, it’s recommended to use a varnish.


  • A perfect matt finish means that the colour isn’t altered by light reflection. Total light absorption maintains the integrity of the colour, so the tones look identical when viewed from any angle. Ideal for transferring your artwork from analogue to digital, scanning, or for using with a projector for digital art.





  • FLASHE Can be applied with any type of brush without being diluted. It can be applied with a sponge brush, a flexible spatula or, for effects, with a paint-spray gun, or even with an airbrush, diluting as desired.


Background Prepartion


  • Pure or diluted with water, FLASHE makes it possible to create vibrant backgrounds.




  • Dilute with between 1/3 and 2/3 water as desired, to create washes and patinas.




  • Matte varnish can be applied over FLASHE paints, to maintain the vibrancy of the colour without altering the shade. Gloss varnish will make shades a tone deeper and more vivid. Recommended for all outside applications.


Cleaning Applicators


  • Use water for wet paint and warm water with alcohol for dried paint.