Harvesting The Fruits Of Your Creativity : Emerging and Advancing Artists Virtual Gallery Showcase

March 22, 2021

Since the start of the year we’ve been exploring the creative cycle. Danielle Krysa helped plant the seeds by ‘Re-Imagining and Experimentation’, we then nurtured them to life and honed our skills with Mandy Boursicot through ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’, and this month, Pennylane Shen has been helping us harvest the fruits of our labour in examining ‘Final Presentation’. 


This final stage in the process is often the one many of us feel the least comfortable with, but with Pennylane Shen’s help on finding your artistic voice, creating a cohesive body of work and getting comfortable with self-promotion, we hope you’ve ended up with some finished pieces you’re keen to share with the world.


To help promote your art selling platforms, we created a new ‘Art Showcase, Emerging and Advancing Artists Virtual Gallery’. We’ve had some incredible submissions – too many to share them all – but here’s a small selection of some of the work to discover. 


Sylvie Mahler, Watercolours on AquaboardSylvie Mahler, Watercolours on Aquabord

People often ask, “Why paint a portrait of someone who hasn’t commissioned you to?” This wall is in my living room. When people walk in and see the portraits, they are drawn to them. I have portraits throughout my house and you can’t help but smile and be lured in to take a better look. The eyes tell a story. People seem to love looking at portraits but choose to buy landscapes. A portrait tells a bigger story. You can be off a little as to where a tree stands but to resemble the person, a face must be exact. I love painting portraits best as they keep me on my game. By the way, the carvings below these portraits are by my talented husband who works both in wood and stone. Check his Instagram for more beautiful carvings: @Ronstoneandwood








Taryn Coulson, Painter 

5 days left of my small works sale! 

Don’t miss out on the chance to save big-time on an original painting, follow the link in my bio to see what’s left!









Andrea England, Artist Afloat

Ballenas lighthouse is perched on the northern tip of West Ballenas Island, in the Salish Sea. The island is privately owned, but uninhabited except for a colony of harbour seals who watch us cautiously and curiously when we anchor off the island’s more sheltered south side. It’s a lonely spot, but beautiful. On a clear day, there are views over to Mount Arrowsmith on Vancouver Island. Unsettled weather makes the anchorage untenable, and winter storms throw driftwood onto the shores. Some of it waits on the high tide line, ready for summer sailors to make cooking fires on the pebble beach. We explore the shore, finding kindling and branches, cooking sausages over the fire to consume with bread rolls and ketchup and maybe a beer (doesn’t beer taste so much better on a beach in the sun?).‘Watchful’ is 10” x 8”, and is part of my new watercolour collection, ‘Light My Way’. You can view the full collection via the link in my bio. And tell me what you love to cook on a beach fire!








Shannon Emmanuel, Painting Stories and Quiet Moments

‘The Daydream’ is the only available piece from the ‘Nurture & Nature’ collection still with me, and I don’t mind. She’s such a soothing piece.

I am so thrilled my inspiration connected with so many of you and the responses I’ve had to the pieces that have arrived are more than I could hope for 💛. Thank you!

With the collection being close to sold out, you can be sure some of the pieces will be made available as prints later this year. 







Jesse Ross, Oil Painter




Jesse Ross, Oil Painter

I had fun working out the values on this first pass. I will be posting a timelapse of the process on my Patreon tomorrow! Oil on canvas 40”x30”











Lynette Stebner Fine Artist

Lynette Stebner, Canadian Fine Artist

I am passionate about expressing the colourful organic shapes of our natural world, especially our Okanagan sunsets and reflections. I seek to find and share the beauty in all things, and hope to encourage others to contemplate, appreciate and protect what we have been given. Inspiration for my acrylic paintings and watercolours occurs outdoors while exploring and photographing our outstanding Okanagan. Facebook & Instagram: @lynettestebnerartist Thanks for taking a look! <3






Karl Hipol Visual Artist

Karl M Hipol, student, BFA major in Visual Arts +minor in Curatorial Practice, ECU 

I have been slowly working on this ambitious piece these past few days. Here, I am tracing over some of the detailed marks to restore the Bahay Kubo’s blurry parts. It is an action where I am trying to regain its broken significance through bits and pieces: reclaiming and sharpening the debris from the colonial aftermaths.







Laurie Merlo, West50East Studios

Laurie Merlo, West50East Studios

Now to revisit my backyard birds before embarking on two more horse portraits. This is a large piece that was exhibited last year at Pynelogs Art Gallery in Invermere, BC. Called “Towhee: Late Winter/Early Spring” 30” x 40” mixed media. 

West50East is a small mixed media studio in the West Kootenays whose inspiration comes from observing the natural world. 







Peggie Collins, Gallery One Twenty-seven



Peggie Collins,  Gallery One Twenty-seven

Nothing like a sunny day in the Okanagan! I never get tired of that view. Thinking of my mom today and am reminded of her strength and determination. She was an amazing woman indeed!

Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24 available here at Gallery One Twenty-seven in Penticton, BC.






No matter what your level of skill or artistic ambition, we hope our investigation into the creative cycle has been fruitful. We’ve focussed a lot on the commercial side recently, but it’s vital to remember that creating for your own pleasure is just as important – we don’t all need to strive to become professional artists! As Blythe Scott said in our last visual podcast, ‘Living in a world where everyone was creatively fulfilled, would be a great thing’. So as a community, let’s continue to support and encourage each other in all our artistic endeavours, no matter how big or small, each step of the way. Keep making, stay inspired and keep sharing!


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