Revealing 6 NEW Colours Inspired By Nature in Bloom

May 6, 2022

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As the grey days of winter start to fade, our desire to capture the fleeting beauty and emerging colours of nature grows. Inspired from the warmth of Spring and Summer, Opus has brought out a range of 6 new shades which will spur inspiration into your art creation.

These new colours of Spring and Summer offer warm and subtle nuances to your work. From capturing morning sunlight on garden leaves to the soft lit shadows in a dusk shaded forest, our new range will help you on your artistic journey. We proudly present the new and wondrous colours of Lavender, Leaf Green, Lilac, Salmon Pink, Glacier Blue, and Corn Silk Yellow.

Whichever painting discipline is your preference, we have made these new colours available to Opus Essential heavy body Acrylics, Fluid Acrylics, Oils, and Watercolours. All of these mediums offer professional quality paint at an incredible value.

Crafted by an artisan making small limited batches, each paint is formulated to yield the highest pigment load, producing brilliant effects.  As with the entire line of all Opus Essential paints, these new colours are also lightfast and long lasting.  All 6 of these hues are highly mixable with each other. Mixing them with other Opus Essential colours within the same paint line, you will create a new array of tints to integrate into your growing palette.

For outdoor painters, the added bonus of using Opus Essential watercolours is that you are able to fill empty paint pans and not worry about the paint cracking like some other brands may as they dry in the pan. Watercolourists can be assured that the paint from their watercolour tube is identical to what has been filled in their pan set and will behave consistently without surprises.

Whether using a palette knife to manipulate and carve the soft and creamy consistency of Heavy Body Acrylics, or applying gentle brush washes or bright splashes with watercolour, you will find great joy and satisfying investment in time with these new Opus colours.

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Every shade is manufactured with a specific method, drawing the best from each pigment and maximizing its quality. We never use fillers and are thrilled to provide rich, varied colours with strong mixing ability.

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We choose pigments that have the highest tinting strength and pigment concentration available. Perfect for both painting in the studio and out on a plein air adventure.

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