Highlights from the 2022 Opus Daily Practice Challenge

March 3, 2022

This February at Opus, we contemplated the theme of “Putting Our Vision Into Practice,” part of which included our ever-popular Opus Daily Practice Challenge.


Thank you all for participating – we hope you have made meaningful progress in your art practice, made connections within the community, or gained valuable inspiration from your fellow artists. We at Opus Art Supplies always look forward to seeing the quality and variety of work, and the meaningful personal stories that come alongside.

Below are some of the artists who have joined us in our Daily Practice Challenge.  Artists featured below will receive a $50 Opus Gift Card!

Plus, a few artists were selected to win art supply prize packs from our generous sponsors. Scroll down to see them all!

Linda Lewis

I have been doing the #opusdailypractice. for seven years. When I look back over my artwork from the past Daily Practices I can see a huge change in my artwork. I am trying more complex paintings and using a wider variety of art supplies, topics and medium. Sometimes the prompts have been challenging. My favorite year was when the prompts were different artists and styles. The best part of the Daily Practice is connecting with other artists on Facebook. It is very much a safe, learning community where I can reconnect with artists from past years, meet new artists and share ideas and encouragement with each other. This is my favorite piece from this year’s practice. I am pleased with how it turned out especially the reflection in the eye.

 Instagram: @greycatart

Karen Harms Penner, Aspiring watercolour artist in Abbotsford, BC

Final entry for #opusdailypractice is to share my favorite day which was Day 15 I believe, prompt was Blossom. Florals are my favorite thing to paint, and I did two of the same subject that day, so I’ll post both of them, they are a bit different in style but definitely enjoyed painting both. I loved painting every day but I wasn’t always feeling good about posting my work. Practicing daily encouraged me to try different techniques and see what I enjoy. Every day I learned something and hopefully that shows in my work, maybe not right away, but eventually it will. I have gone through a bit of a dry spell over this last fall and winter and this exercise has my creative juices going again, so I am thankful for that.

Instagram: @khp_watercolor

Dani Ngo , Watercolour Artist

Some bone marrow I ate recently for the last day of @opusartsupplies #opusdailypractice!

I’ve learned a lot about painting throughout the month. As someone who has always sketched and doodled, but never truly jumped into creating art, I have really felt the effect of committing to creating daily.

In one of the recent Opus podcast episodes, one of the artists mentions that even quick, small drawings or paintings are valuable, which I totally agree with. (Especially as someone who starts painting at 10pm.)

Maybe next year I will stay on piste with the prompts! Looking forward to the next Opus community challenge.

Instagram: @danngop

Joe Raven & Friends

Top 9 fan faves from the @opusartsupplies

My favourite from my #OpusDailyPractice#2022 by @opusartsupplies There were a few that made me #LOL but this also has #Cute ! I love doing this challenge – it forces me to spend time being #creative every day, it’s fun to send #JoeRaven and friends into new situations and, I use it as a fundraiser for my favourite charity, @artscouncilwb(sold through #facebook ). Until next time!

Instagram: @ravenous.comics

Website: @ravenous-comics

Opus Daily Practice Prize Pack Recipients

Congratulations to the following artists who were recipients of our weekly Opus Daily Practice Prize Packs, provided by our generous sponsors!

Erin, Mixed Media Artist


Instagram: @airnsea80

Kev Price, drawing, painting, photography artist from Vancouver Island

Instagram: @kevpriceart

Sophie Graine, printmaker and painter from Edmonton, Alberta.

Instagram: @sophiegraine

Website: www.sophiegraine.com

Yee Chan, pencil and watercolour artist

Day 28, last day!!!! ‘energize’. Colour energizes me. Front of card. Watercolour. After Rhonda Haszard. This is turning out to be my favourite day of the challenge as I am trying out some of the lessons learned from the contemporary drawing book on my watercolour. Interesting to see the difference.

Instagram: @yvr_shiba_inu


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