The Greatest Gift

November 13, 2019

Art therapy can facilitate conversations. Clients – from people with mental health challenges to women and children fleeing abuse – are encouraged to express themselves creatively; the therapist then uses the work as a springboard for discussions about what the patient is experiencing or what feelings they are drawing on.

“The donations of art supplies from Opus have been a wonderful addition to our art therapy counselling programs. Victoria Women’s Transition House provides support for women and their children fleeing domestic violence and abuse and acknowledges the restorative power of art as a tool for our clients to recover from trauma and work towards healing. Our counsellors have found that art therapy can facilitate profound conversations and insights from clients. One of our 84-year-old clients shared how meaningful art therapy has been for her: “I have never painted before, I didn’t know I had so much to say.” Our clients have truly benefited from the vast variety of art supplies that Opus has provided. Thank you so much for supporting Victoria Women’s Transition House and the work we do!” – Victoria Women’s Transition House

Images provided by the Victoria Women’s Transition House. Click to expand.

Opus is dedicated to inspiring creativity and giving back to the arts community is a vital part of what we do. Much of this happens behind the scenes, but it’s something you help support with the purchases you make. For the past 20 years, your generosity has also had a direct impact through our in-store, holiday donation drives.

This December, pop down to your local Opus and ‘Share Your Gift’!

Lightly-used art supplies take on a meaningful new life, offering much-needed materials to non-profit organisations, schools and community groups across British Columbia.

The kindness you share has a profound effect and the proof is in the pudding. Here are some more testimonials from store managers and recipients of our 2018 campaign:

Cool Arts is a fantastic art program in Kelowna for differently-abled adults. These folks really play an important part in our local art scene. They are completely non-profit, run by volunteers and three key staff. Thanks to customer donations, we were able to provide a bunch of fun fabric dyes (as well as other supplies) that their facilitator can really utilize – he’s also a textile artist. Cool Arts is such a wonderful organisation – they manage to put a smile on even the gloomiest of faces!”

“We were also able to donate to Heart Fit, another fabulous volunteer-based, non-profit group in Kelowna that seeks to improve heart and soul health through spontaneous art-making. In their own words, ‘A time to create a “resting heart” by embarking on a journey of creative exploration, inviting the creative spirit to lead you within, and awaken you to your authentic self.” This group is open to all ages and it functions by donation.”

“The ‘PoCo Youth Recreation Services’ provide wellness and life skills opportunities. They are in the process of moving to a new facility and asked for art materials to build a low barrier, drop-in artspace for LGBTQ youth. The boxes of art materials and canvas we donated made a real difference to their program.”

“I know all groups have their stories but something we found here in the Okanagan is that poverty doesn’t look like it does in say, Vancouver. It’s not evident. Our donation bin really stood out for me during one conversation I had with a high school art teacher.  He revealed that he’s expected to fund his entire high school art department with a meagre $500 annual budget. Coming from a small remote town on the edge of the Okanagan, he was literally in tears talking about his kids. We obviously added him to our list and carried on, but to me, this was a really evident way ‘Share Your Gift’ is a success.”

“We have a regular customer who has been a student for many years and who’s shopped with us for at least 10 of those. People recognize him by his distinct look and the shopping cart he wheels everywhere. He usually buys pens and coloured pencils. Last fall, someone stole this box containing all his collection. Thanks to our generous contributors, we were able to gift him a selection of brand new pens. He was thrilled and so very thankful. The best part of the ‘Share your Gift’ campaign is that we can make special moments happen for groups, as well as our regular visitors who may just need a caring boost.”

At Opus, supporting and representing our community is crucial. We’d like to extend our gratitude for helping us achieve this with your continued loyalty and generosity. Together we can make a difference. Donate your lightly used art materials today – and throughout the year – at your local Opus.