Sharing The Warmth – Holiday Makers Market Highlights

December 4, 2020

Over the past month, our Holiday Makers Gallery has grown into a thriving, vibrant epicentre of creative entrepreneurship. Yes, we might all be missing the festive sights and sounds of large gatherings – they’re a familiar antidote to the shrinking days and falling thermometer – but one of the things we’ve learned is that the warmth of the holiday market doesn’t just come from crowding around busy stalls, sipping steamy cups of mulled wine or hot cocoa. Finding that perfect one-off gift whilst buying local and supporting your creative community, ignites a magic glow, even if you’re nestled cosily on the sofa. With so much to choose from it’s tough to highlight just a few, but here are some of the delights on offer. 

Amy Siddaway – Port Coquitlam

I’ve made so many of these guys lately, and each one makes me so happy. I love watching them slowly come to life from a rough base layer of people-blobs, to the outline and little details. I especially love when the hair works out just right. Thanks to everyone who has been ordering these little ornaments from me – they’re keeping me busy in my non-hospital-job time, and keeping my mind off all that crazy stuff out there.


Instagram: @asiddesign


Clove & Hound – 100 Mile House

I had the pleasure of working with a very lovely client for this piece. It was my first time using beach glass, and it was really more challenging than I expected, but also incredibly fun. Feeling the polished glass in my hands really brought me back to my childhood – the smell of salty sea air and the call of seagulls from dawn to dusk. I’m hoping to make a trip back down to my hometown and possibly onto the west side of the island to visit my dad once the world is able to settle. I hope you are all keeping well and safe. I’m always here if you need to talk.


Instagram: @cloveandhound


Duane Murrin – North Vancouver

Just in time for Christmas, “Porteau Cove” is available as a wall plaque, jewel print, triptych, lantern, candle holder or canvas print. Follow the link in the bio and we’ll ship directly to your doorstep. 


Instagram: @duanemurrin


Andrea England – Victoria

Before I was an artist and a sailor, I was a primary school teacher. One of the things I loved about the school year was decorating the Christmas tree in my classroom. Every year, my class would make decorations with paper, glitter and glue, and every year some students would give me ornaments as my Christmas gifts. I’d pop a little sticker on each one, with the year and the name of the giver. ⁣ After a few years, decorating the tree became even more special and full of warm memories of the giver. Glittery drums from the year we sang ‘the Little Drummer Boy’, festive school buses and apples, Kiwiana and paua shells…. ⁣ The boat is too small to house many decorations, so when we sailed away, most of my collection stayed in New Zealand, but I still hold onto the memories and one special wooden reindeer, carved by Toby’s granddad, given to me in 2011. It’s absolutely gorgeous and wonderfully boat-proof. 

Website: ⁣

Instagram: @andreaenglandart


Peggy Collins – Penticton 

These two cuties are sporting their new VW bug t-shirts. The t-shirts are now available in very small kiddie sizes! A few larger sizes as well! This makes a great gift, and this particular artwork of mine always brings a smile! 


Instagram: @peggie.collins


Karen June Booth – Vancouver Island

These little hand-sculpted foxes are still available for local pickup or shipping.
Super-sweet and unique. Handmade, painted, and truly one-of-a-kind.


Instagram: @karen.j.booth


Carol Kong – Vancouver

Are you having one of those days? Weeks? Years? I hear ya…. Tell everyone how you really feel this Christmas, with this “Bah Humbug” card. It’s printed on a luxurious stock (so fancy that I had to order new envelopes, because the paper is too thick). But it’s also eco-friendly, as it is naturally white 100% recycled cotton and is a byproduct of the textile industry. Available in sets of 8 or single cards via my online shop (link in bio). 


Instagram: @carol_kong


Trainrex Jewelry – Burnaby

Unique, handmade adornments. Experimenting with materials & making with an eye to upcycling. Bursting with rings. Kapow! Not for the faint of heart. Robust and sculptural. 


Instagram: @trainrexjewelry


Kris Noble – North Vancouver

Inspired by color, pattern, and the world of flowers, KNoble Studio specializes in original acrylic paintings, and a range of products created from those paintings. Hydrangeas cover this silk scarf, which was digitally reproduced from my acrylic painting, “Memories.” Accessories are available through my Etsy store – please see profile for info.


Instagram: @knoblestudio


TOAST! – Whistler 

With no holiday markets this year it’s even more important to support local. All our jewelry is upcycled and handcrafted from used bike inner tubes, and all our product names are inspired by the local bike trails in Whistler. This is our best selling design – “Lost Lake Loop”.


Instagram: @toastwhistler


Heike Kuzminski – Vancouver

I love wrapping your orders! It brings me so much joy to have my little birds fly off to different parts of the world. Thank you so much for supporting my little shop.


Instagram: @heikekuzminski


Alexis – Vancouver

Grab the Monet and let’s Gogh! Here’s a preview for what I’ll be selling at the Emily Carr Student Art Sale this year! “Was Ist Kunst” 2020 duotone relief print on 100% cotton t-shirts!

Limited sizes available


Instagram: @girlplusmaking


Corina Hanson – Vancouver

I believe we need art and beauty now more than ever. If you’re craving something sweet today… here is “Cupcake 2”, acrylic on canvas with resin. Please remember the indie artists and makers this holiday season if you can. Amazon, Costco and the big box retailers are having gang-buster sales but the pandemic has been hard on the little entrepreneurs. We need AND APPRECIATE your support.


Instagram: @corinnainfrance


There are still a few, festive weeks to go. If you’re shopping for gifts this season, we’d encourage you to spend some time browsing the full Holiday Makers Gallery. Not only is there a myriad of beautiful creations to discover, but for an independent creative entrepreneur, every purchase really does make a difference. We applaud all the artists persevering, adapting, making, and selling during these challenging times, and we’re heartened to see so many of you supporting them. Let’s continue to share in the warmth of helping our local communities, through the solstice and beyond.