Surface Matters: NEW Premium-Quality Canvas at Opus!

June 20, 2018

At Opus, we believe in providing you with the best possible surface, and we have found it in Fredrix Premium Canvas, a top‑of‑the‑line selection of surfaces for the professional artist.

In the beginning stages of your creative process – the part before you even dip brush into paint – you are making important decisions. Maybe it’s a choice you’re making consciously, or perhaps you are selecting from what is available in the moment. In either case, a surface must be chosen before you are able to get started, and that surface can greatly influence the outcome of your painting.

At Opus, we have curated a collection of premium painting surfaces – such as a new array of 13 Fredrix canvas rolls of varying weights, textures, and finishes – that we have carefully selected for the discerning artist. If the canvas that you paint on matters to you, Opus is the place to find it.

The effect you get in your painting is greatly determined by the texture of the canvas you work on. A finely woven, “smooth” surface like the Sarasota Pro Series or Ultra Smooth Artist Series will make it easier to achieve crisper, cleaner lines, smoother blends, and gradations in colour, while a heavily-textured canvas like the Galicia Pro or Ultimate Pro surface is great for more gestural, abstract, or impressionistic work.

The complete selection of Fredrix canvases is available in-store at Opus Granville Island and Opus Victoria only, and staff at all locations are happy to order your specific canvas choice for quick delivery to your preferred Opus location. These canvas rolls are also available for online ordering, providing artists across Canada the option to work on the most optimal canvas for their project.

The new selection of Fredrix Roll Canvases includes five acrylic-primed cotton rolls, two acrylic-primed polyflax rolls, four primed linen rolls, and two new raw/unprimed linen rolls, in different weights, weaves, and textures, on 3 yard rolls ranging in width from 52″ to 73″.

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