The Look of Wood & Strength of Metal: The Cypress Frame

January 18, 2021

The Opus Cypress Frame is a metal frame created to look like wood, to give you the best of both worlds; durable strength to protect your art or photography with a stylish appearance.

The design is sleek, angular and minimal, making it attractive by contemporary standard, yet classic and simple enough to ensure it will remain a timeless and beautiful piece for decades to come.

The Cypress Frame has been thoughtfully designed with photography and works of art on paper in mind. Offered in Black, Light Grey, Natural and White, you’ll be able to select the best colour to accent the work you are framing and fit into any room decor seamlessly.


The glass in the Cypress frame is set half an inch back from the frontmost part of the frame, creating a small ledge inside the front. When viewed head-on, the Cypress offers the thinnest frame visibility across the West Coast Frames line by Opus. Yet at an angle, the ledge comes into view, creating interesting visual lines and greater depth.

Try the Cypress Frame for your photographs or any work of art on paper that you’d like to finish with a modern, minimal touch.







Included with the purchase of the Cypress Frame:

  • An acid-free mat with window
  • An acid-free back mat with acid-free surface paper
  • Acid-Free Coroplast backing
  • Assembly hardware

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