Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable Brush

June 29, 2021

Driven by innovation, a synthetic brush that performs at a professional level

Using their unique brush making expertise to provide artists an innovative alternative: the new Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable brush range from Winsor & Newton. Available in a range of sizes across seven shapes, this range was curated by artists for artists and handmade at the Crown brush factory in England, which has been producing fine art brushes by hand since the 1850s.

Innovative synthetic bristle blend

After rigorous artist testing, the best blend of synthetic bristles offers the quality and performance you’d typically see in a natural sable brush. The Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable brush delivers excellent colour carrying capacity, the ability to make a variety of marks and resilient spring and shape retention.


Ergonomic, sculpted handle

 The unique Winsor & Newton sculpted handle with a matt finish provides the ultimate comfort and control while painting. The central dip on this short-handled brush allows the brush to sit comfortably in your hand while the second curve of the brush handle allows for different painting positions. 

Excellent colour carrying capacity

This unique blend of synthetic bristles has been developed to replicate the colour carrying capacity of a natural sable brush. With colour flowing evenly and consistently, the brush allows for flowing brush strokes.


Resilient spring and shape retention

The brush heads snap back into shape during use with the right degree of spring to allow for superior control between brush and surface. 

FSC Certified

Of the 31 available brushes in the Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable range, 29 are 100% FSC certified. The Birchwood used for the handle is obtained from sustainable sources and ongoing consideration is given to the growth of responsible forest management.

The Professional Watercolour Synthetic Sable brush is available in seven shapes. Select the ones that best suits your painting style or try a new shape to expand your practice.


  • Rigger: An extra fine point for fine lines, lettering and detail
  • One-Stroke: A short flat brush for edges and shapes or to apply washes
  • Wash: A wide wash brush for covering large areas and applying glazes and varnishes
  • Round: A traditional full belly round ideal for fine detail, lines and washes
  • Mop: A domed wash brush ideal for broad washes with thinned colour and blending
  • Quill: A synthetic squirrel brush, the quill shape is conical with a thick belly. The quill shape provides excellent colour carrying capacity and controlled washes. 
  • Pointed Round: An adaptation of the round, the extra fine tapered point provides fine control and allows for fine detailed work whilst the belly holds colour

Uncompromising quality and performance, now in a synthetic.

Available now in-store and online.